Rams predictions

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Soooooo..... What do you think will happen next week?

I think Stan's letter was a bet - He intentionally burned bridges to leverage his position with the league - No one seriously forming a case for moving is that belligerent and no one would seriously cite a twitter poll for evidence.

As little as a month ago I thought the NFL would not be able to ignore the only serious attempt at a solution amongst the 3 candidates, now they probably think that they cannot send this team back to St. Louis.

I would like to think that the league would consider the good efforts that the city put forth rather than leave it out in the cold -

So Stan bullies his way to LA, his relocation fee goes to assist SD and OAK in their bids to improve stadiums - St. Louis is promised one of 2 to 4 future expansion slots (one guaranteed to LA to be the second tenant in Stan's palace) - time frame to be set later - Provided that a owner can be found.

To sweeten the pot the NFL promises a lower expansion fee and additional assistance for a future St. Louis owner. The offer to StL comes with an expiration date.
I predict that the NFL (1) chooses the Carson project (Chargers and Raiders), (2) tells Stan to sell the Rams to someone interested in keeping the Rams in STL, and (3) promises him rights to a future London expansion team (and maybe gives him some $$ to start working on logistics now on behalf of the League).

I further predict that the new owner of the Rams asks for the State, City and County for even more public money to construct a stadium and all three entities eagerly empty their wallets.
I was just reading the Chargers relocation application summary. In it, they say the Chargers should be allowed to move partly because they were able to keep fan attendance at a high level, in spite of what the city was inflicting on them. The Rams say they should be allowed to move because the fans in the city did not support the team in spite of all the money the Rams spent on the team. So low attendance is never the team's fault, and high attendance is always due to the hard work of the team. In other words, fans can't win. If attendance is high, the team takes credit and says they should be rewarded by being allowed to move. If attendance is low, the team should be rewarded by being allowed to move to a more supportive fan base. Wow.
We will know Monday which site the LA committee has picked.

Seems like the Chargers and Raiders are sticking together....for how long i dont know.
I think owners want Carson and League Office wants Inglewood...and the League Office works for the Owners but it all provides the owners will all info, accurate or inaccurate.

my predication- Chargers will play in LA next year with the Rams or Raiders but the Raiders wont come right of way
The scenarios involving transfers of ownership or team sales are hard to believe as much I'd like to see it happen.
^ Agree, two of the teams derive their family wealth from the NFL Franchise where as the third team has an owner who simply wants to see how high he can get on the Forbe's riches list. Then throw on top of the fact that it is a limited club in which each team owner is getting almost +$200 million in TV revenues by just fielding a team. Who would want to give that up?

Prediction, no teams gets the needed votes and so the NFL team punts it to another year giving Raiders/Chargers more time to put the Carson City finance package together while Oakland stumbles along and San Diego votes passes. San Diego vote satisfies Chargers, they get their new stadium and won't resubmit relocation application. That puts Stan K in much better position as both Rams and Raiders file again for relocation after playing one more in their respective stadiums. Rams and Raiders play the following season in Inglewood.

NFL informally/behind the door promises Taylor family first crack at expansion team but years away as I don't think any of the owners are ready to share more of the pie until another big bump in TV revenue, whether is domestic or not.

What I would like to see for NFL & St Louis, a new Carson City and St Louis stadium with Stan K selling Rams to Taylor Family as leading the local ownership group. What I would like to see for expansion teams if Stan K gets his way - St. Louis & Mexico City. Screw London, lousy time zone difference & you can't tell me that North American's largest city/metro area of 20 million in the Central Time Zone (same as St. Louis) which has one of the world's richest men in Slim with his own huge entertain/tv network, and huge number of ties can't field a successful NFL team? Plus, on top of it. Almost half the southwest fan/tv base is Latino.