School Buildings

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In the past few weeks, I've been able to visit several local schools and admire the architecture. Today I found myself at Fanning Middle School. Brick road out in front. :D Wide hallways, wood floors, huge windows, beautiful and spacious classrooms. ... ugly foyer. :roll:

The city's actually full of amazing school buildings, but I only know a few.

I wonder if you guys could make a ranking of your favorites with some descriptions and statements about their upkeep (poor Carr School), position (Patrick Henry is almost part of downtown), and how they've changed over time (I still haven't formed an opinion about the Adams School addition).

The St. Louis Public Schools Foundation has dozens of specialized funds, but no fund for architecture. I've worked in a lot of schools, foreign and domestic, and I really think the design is a major part of the experience. So I'm curious which schools you guys wish you could have had a locker in as a teenager. Or perhaps the, "Where'd you go to High School?" question might be rephrased to ask, "What was great about your school building?"

The school I worked at in Singapore has covered walkways instead of hallways that circle courtyards planted like rainforests. When students drop food, birds clean it up. The recreational facilities are integrated into these courtyards too. It's open and full of sunshine. Naturally the kids are all into rock climbing and outdoors activities.

In Korea and Japan, the school buildings usually encircle a packed earth recreation field that's used for all school events. It's the center of focus and a massive part of the experience of attending school. Specialized facilities like auditoriums and swimming pools are often rented off-site.

In America, a lot of buildings seem to put the library in a prominent and central position. Often the ceiling is very high allowing it to be seen from several floors. There's also a tendency towards the use of cinder block walls painted in terrible pastels. Drop ceilings... bleh.
Somewhere on this forum is really nice photo collection of all of the historic schools, or a link to said collection. Can anyone else help with this?
I think you may be referring to the Built St. Louis photo tour of school buildings:

I've always thought that Kennard is a remarkable building:
We have a complete survey of all the schools in the city at Landmarks Association, you would be welcome to come see. We also have a story about the last round of closings with a lot of pictures on our website here Also, there are a lot of schools listed on the National Register, you can read the nominations here:

Furthermore, KWMU did a good story on the schools a while ago, check it out. Photo gallery as well

Finally, it is interesting that you should mention St. Louis' schools as we recently had a professor of education history visit our offices because he was studying the St. Louis school buildings of William Ittner. That alone would have been noteworthy, but the guy was from Kobe, Japan. He came all the way to St. Louis directly from Kobe to study our school buildings.