Empty St. Louis Public School Buildings

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Regarding this Fox 2 News report here:

http://www.myfoxstl.com/myfox/MyFox/pag ... cale=EN-US

This is just ridiculous that they need to get rid of "a glut of empty school buildings costing the district millions every year" and they refuse to sell to a charter school, private schools or public schools. I thought the quote from Melanie Adams: "It makes no sense to us to sell it to buyer who wants to make it into a school" was especially telling.

Why doesn’t it make sense that public school buildings built with public tax dollars can’t be used to educate public school children in a public charter school?

Any thoughts?

It only proves once again that the majority of the individuals who run SLPS are out only for themselves and not what's best for the kids and community.

I agree...check out the wording of the deed restriction:


For a period of one hundred years from the date of recording of this Deed, Grantee agrees and covenants that no portion of the Property shall be used for the following (collectively, the “Restrictions”), without the prior written authorization of Grantor:

1. A primary, elementary or secondary school of any kind providing instruction for any grades kindergarten through twelfth; provided, however, that a center providing care for children outside of such primary, elementary or secondary school setting shall be expressly permitted.

2. [More elaborate restriction - A tavern, bar, nightclub, cocktail lounge, discotheque, dance hall, or any other establishment selling alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption; provided, however, the foregoing shall not prohibit the operation of a restaurant where the sale of alcoholic beverages therein comprises less than thirty (30%) percent of the restaurant’s gross revenues.]

3. [More elaborate restriction - An adult type bookstore or other establishment selling, renting, displaying or exhibiting pornographic or obscene materials (including without limitation: magazines, books, movies, videos, photographs or so called “sexual toys”) or providing adult type entertainment or activities (including, without limitation, any displays or activities of a variety involving, exhibiting or depicting sexual themes, nudity or lewd acts).]

4. [More elaborate restriction - A land fill, garbage dump or other such facility for the dumping, disposing, incineration or reduction of garbage.]

5. [More elaborate restriction - Assembling, manufacturing, industrial, distilling, refining or smelting facility.]

6. [More elaborate restriction - A retail liquor store, or any store which sells, for off-site consumption, alcohol or beer.]

7. [More elaborate restriction - A medical clinic or office.]


^ Leaving what? Making it in to a house??

This completely ruins my idea of starting a school in conjunction with an adult bookstore.

That is ridiculous. Just because SLPS can't make a functioning school out of it, doesn't mean another school shouldn't have the opportunity. I wonder what's going to happen to that "old castle" of a school, Cleveland. It would be a shame for that beautiful building to get torn down.