New School on Gravois?

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I just saw the sign posted on old storage building a bit south of the intersection of Gravois and Chippewa.

It saws "New Imagine School opening soon."

I actually work for a charter school organization, but I hadn't heard about this new charter school. Anyone else "in the loop" on this project?

The new Imagine School is going to focus on Visual and Performing Arts, and will not open until 09/10 I believe.

Kris Quint

Imagine Academy of Environmental Science and Math

Yeah, I was excited when I saw that banner, too. That is awesome news. My middle daughter will be starting school in 09/10, and while I was considering the Compton & Spring Imagine school for her, this one is closer to both our house and her interests. Can't wait to hear more.

for a time i was a supporter of the charter idea. i am inclined to believe now they are driven as much by real estate developers as anything else.