Former St. Louis Public School Buildings

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My mother was a professional but later became a teacher for SLPS (St. Louis Public Schools). The school she taught at was in North St. Louis (Lowell Elementary). She left a few years before it closed around 2000 to teach and later become an administrator in the county. It was a shame that the school was boarded up because it was a beautiful work of architecture and wasn't renovated long before it was closed due to student consolidation at other elementary schools (just goes to show how tax money was wasted on an expensive rehab job). I believe it was designed by William Ittner (for all of you history buffs). The school's interior was really beautiful and was well preserved. Going into the school was like going back in time in North St. Louis, especially since the blocks facing the school were in relatively good condition compared to many other areas of North St. Louis that have suffered over the years from white flight. I was wondering if anyone has been by the school recently to see the kind of condition it was in (It has been 10 years since I was there) or could tell me what the city is doing with its surplus schools in areas of the city that can no longer support the need for them? It seems like a tragedy that many of Ittner's architectural masterpieces (which became models for many American schools around the country in the early 20th Century) could theoretically vanish/crumble.

they have been sold to the the private sector. Some have been rehabbed into lofts, apartments or condos. Others are being used for offices. It's VERY unfortunate, that the SLPS will NOT allow them to be sold to competing Charter schools. These buildings were built to educate students, and now they're being turned into lofts, which is fine, but I'd rather see them actually EDUCATING children again. Apparently, the SLPS was incapable of doing this, which is why Charter schools and private schools are increasing in popularity in the city. St. Louis' schools are second to NO other cities schools, imo. Look at Sumner, Beaumont, Cleveland, Soldan. They're all amazing and SLMIZ is right, all other schools around the country emulated Ittner's design.

^ I agree with the both of you. Although it's great that many of the former schools have been reclaimed and renewed one way or another, it's tragic that others cannot be returned to their former use, and even more unfortunate that some are being allowed to decay even further.

Every time I look at Carnahan High School of the Future at Broadway and Gasconade, I can't help but think that it looks like a minimum security correctional center. (There's certainly some irony there, but I won't go there.) It's just sad that a city with so many Ittner masterpieces has allowed those too many of those to rot and now students attend class in that Communist era-looking hellhole. (Just my humble opinion, of course.)

I didn't realize that the SLPS refused to sell them to charter schools. That sucks, as that would be cool to put them back into educational use (I'm sure Mr. Ittner would be pleased, too). I wonder, is it even legal for a public entity to refuse to sell public assets to a particular group like that?

For all you history buffs, Lowell School was designed by Ittner's successor Rockwell Milligan. It is located at 1409 East Linton Ave. Named after James Russell Lowell (1819-1891), an American Poet. The school was built in 1926. Oh snap! master nerd in the house!

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Carr School is the most depressing of them all.