Charter Schools

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9 out of 10 students in New Orleans attend charter schools. Is this where STL is headed?
Boom Time for Saint Louis Charter Schools ... 6c018.html

If projections hold true, enrollment will increase 20 percent in charter schools — tuition-free public schools that aren’t affiliated with the St. Louis school system. That would put the charter school student population at almost 50 percent of the city school district. Thirty-four charter schools are expected to enroll 11,700 students next year.

It is good to see charter schools improving from the mess that they once were and public schools are seeing improvement as well; I think the stabilizing, and perhaps growing, enrollment of children in schools in the city is one of our best indicators we have of our larger population trends... I'm not sure we'll actually grow this decade but if we can keep families longer like we appear to be doing, we'll perform a whole lot better than last decade.
Your optimism is inspiring...seriously.
^ thanks! but I'm no Mark Groth. :wink: