English as a second language in STL

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I plan on moving to STL. Now I'm looking for school/places where I can learn English as a second language (I'm adult;)). Do you know any schools on a good level where teachers are positive, friendly and effective? Any advices?
On South Grand in the city, there's a place called International Institute that offers classes (they also do citizenship classes for that if you're interested and don't have it). The classes meet during the day and in the evening.

Almost all the school districts offer classes - as well as community colleges and universities.
The international language center also does: http://www.ilcworldwide.com/
Thanks both of you for your advices.

I know that I can learn in community colleges and universities, but I'm also looking for opinions about these places. Which one is better and why? Maybe you know somebody who attended there?
My friend is a Spanish Major at SLU (St. Louis University) and they seem to have some pretty good language programs there. I'm sure their English program is great too.