The Bend - St. Louis Gateway Arch Concept in NYC

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The Bend - St. Louis Gateway Arch Concept in NYC ... k-avenues/

Is this even real? It looks impossible

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It's a real rendering from what appears to be a real design firm of some sort. That said, they don't appear to have done many . . . buildings. Maybe not any at all. They seem to like making drawings. And they might have built a noise wall. Maybe. And temporarily installed a curtain on an unsuspecting little temple. But no, it's not a building. And I doubt very much it ever would be.

Even were they architects (and from glancing at their own website I believe they are not) I don't think large uncommissioned projects are actually built terribly much more than concept cars are mass produced. Most end up as footnotes in books, I think. (Like Wright's famous mile-high concept for Chicago.) I'd say it's perhaps impractical, but I don't see why it should be impossible. The bend at the top could exert an odd load, but if you make it stiff enough it would just function as a lintel and you're done. Not form resistant, particularly. And probably not terribly efficient. But . . . it ought to be possible to build it so it would stand, at least.

Eh. At least someone is thinking of us.
Crazy. I've got to admit, though, that I rather like the "Gargoyle Tower".