Chicago Development Dreams and Reality (Proposals)

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Today, The State of Illinois put the Thompson Center up for sale. They suggest tearing it down and instead build a skyscraper there./ The problem with this is the fact that Super tall proposals in Chicago almost always fail. SO whatever happens, happens. They teased what a building could be, which is designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. The current Thompson Center, designed by Helmut Jahn will be torn down because of huge costs to renovate the place. Some issues from this project though are the "L" tracks and the Subway that runs beneath the building. But as all of this talk is coming up, a plan that includes the old plan for the site has emerged designed by Helmut Jahn. So, it is a toss up right now but a 1700 foot tall tower would look good up in Chicago, but I cant see this rising since Illinois State Government can never come to a agreement. ... SocialFlow

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gills Design Tease

The Helmut Jahn design
Tough call. Functionally, the State of Illinois Center has always been a disaster. Architecturally, it would be a tragedy to tear it down.

I'm still hoping that Calatrava's lakefront tower can be resurrected.

Great aerial shot, BTW.
More Gordon Gill renderings ImageImageImage

Regarding The Chicago Spire, it will never rise. This is what is planned but won't get approved do to it crossing if LSD which is a big no no up in Chicago. It's called Gateway Tower by Gensler. The Steel Beam across the LSD is a team ride for visitors before they go up.