Des Moines!

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These "City X wasn't cool, but now everyone agrees it's one of the coolest cities in the US!" type articles are a dime a dozen nowadays, but it's nice to see cities rediscovering themselves. Plus I have a soft spot for Iowa. (P.S. Des Moines stole Paint Louis and renamed it "Color Codes".) ... ool-213552
It's a lot easier to turn around the image of a little obscure city like Des Moines than a big old highly-visible behemoth like St. Louis.
^ definitely. and articles like this always oversell the momentum. (many articles about STL are no exception.) i just found it interesting to come across such an article in regard to Des Moines. it's not a place i imagined would be jumping on the urban renaissance bandwagon.
I was in Des Moines this past weekend visiting family and man... that city is jumping nowadays. Years ago when we'd visit it was a fairly quiet, suburban-feeling, Midwestern city with a dense but fairly empty downtown. I've gotta say, after driving down Grand from the Fair Grounds all the way to Clive through the heart of the city, I'm rather impressed with all the improvements to the urban fabric that have been made downtown with all the recent projects that have started or been completed. It feels dense, urban, and 'alive'. The amount of infills was insane; I didn't see a surface lot anywhere. It almost made me a bit envious, but not quite. On the flip-side, however, is that the suburban sprawl there is real. There are quite a few entire neighborhoods in the city outskirts that weren't there even just a year or two ago, to the point where a few formerly far-flung towns are inherently conglomerating together to form one large, contiguous metro. Still, I'd recommend a visit, especially during the Iowa State Fair.
I feel like I read recently that Des Moines has one of the highest per capita incomes of any metro in the US, which is sort of surprising. But, with all of the insurance companies with large presences there, the DSM economy is probably in pretty good shape.