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Ilitches paying off public Little Caesars Arena bonds 28 years early, refinancing privately ... 823317001/

sigh... to have business leaders that give a damn.
Google chose the new arena site for it's move from the burbs... ... 107869696/

Hopefully we'll hear more details on BPV tenants, including whether Rawling's is looking at office space or just something retail-oriented,
Detroit just broke ground on it's tallest while I'm happy for the city of Detroit and the region i have to say if this is what 909 Million will get you architecturally wise then i don't want it.. While the base of the building is beautiful the rest is very bland and uninspiring. While much smaller in height i'll take 100 OCW and 300 any day for Detroit's tallest.. Either way i wish them the best of luck.
I like the design. What i would be uncomfortable with however, if i was in Detroit, is how one man (Dan Gilbert) is about to own the whole city. It's like something from a dystopian sci-fi film.
^ yeah, there certainly are concerns about so much of in the hands of GIlbert -- and also the Ilitch family -- but there is still a boat load of other folks doing some big things, too. (Our own McCormack Baron for one doing a big mixed-use project down on the riverfront... would love for them to do something like that down in our North Riverfront.) Anyway, the scale of what's going on over there in the D with multiple players with both rehab and new construction is pretty remarkable.

One of my favorites is The Platform, which is undertaking some high-quality projects outside the CBD:
Pretty cool night pic of Woodward Ave

Some non-Gilbert or Ilitch developments in Detroit in the news this week..,,

Crowne Plaza hotel owners plan 28-story second tower downtown ... ium=social


that kind of reminds me of that pitch a year or two ago by the owners selling the KMOV tower that another tower could be built on the second pod.. the way things are going, maybe it'll happen!

$70M high-rise breaks ground at site of historic Statler Hotel in Downtown Detroit ... river_home

I'd call this one more of a mid-rise and certainly won't replace the Statler which unfortunately didn't make it to see the better days, but it does fill up a key vacant parcel.

And Curbed Detroit also took a look at a Orleans Landing apartment (riverfront project completed by STL-based McCormack Baron a few months ago)
Detroit apartment comparisons: What $2,018 rents right now ... -2018-rent

while our riverfronts aren't apples to apples, there are quite a few similarities b/w our Near North Riverfront and there's; would be great if MB could take a whack at infill similar to Orleans Landing.
Orleans Landing looks great and could be plopped right on the North Riverfront and fit right in. Cincinnati also has a district called the Banks, which has also been a highly successful planned redevelopment. I don't know what it is, but St. Louis just can't get it's riverfront development together. People can say that our riverfront isn't as pretty as the Detroit River or Ohio River, but with views of the Arch, historic bridges, and the downtown skyline, how could it not be a desirable address? Not to mention our riverfront has a light rail station with direct access to the largest job centers and international airport. I really think SLDC and the Downtown Partnership are just inept organizations that have a hard time getting the job done. The views coming into downtown from the South and North are really embarrassing. The blight is outrageous, I can't think of a major city with worst views.
* i agree with a lot of that but in some defense our Near North Riverfront seems to be a bit more challenging logistically. Cincy's Banks location is the most central (would be the equivalent of the Arch grounds location but book-ended by stadia and now with streetcar) and thus more attractive for mixed-use development, Detroit;s is more similar to ours but it is more connected/accessible to surrounding n'hoods -- the bridge, fuel storage complex and state corrections facility all dampen access to the north and of course I-70 to the west, And then we have some difficult infrastructure such as the floodwall, active railroad and massive cross-river power lines and such.

But I am optimistic that we'll see some decent activity down there in a relatively decent time frame.,, it's got great potential and there is some activity in the works already,,, stay tuned.
I think we can do a lot better than the Orleans Landing development. It would be better than the green space-riddled concept from Forum though. I just feel like the riverfront is made for bigger buildings. I think 5-6 story loft buildings with retail would fit best there. I would just hate to see us fork over some of our best real estate to a peabody-esque (at least from the views I saw, and based on roughly some of the residential views) development
^ I think Orleans Landing is pretty decent for its context and I do like how as a whole it seems to create a mixed-use, pedestian-friendly environment. It could be better but I'd give it a B. This was to be the first of two phases but I haven't heard of what might be next. (I'm also very interested in seeing what McCormack Baron brings to the old Pittsburgh Penguins arena site,,, they are developing the residential portion of a mized-use plan)

I think for our Near North Riverfront area something roughly like Orleans Landing would be fine but as it more compact I agree something resembling more of the existing warehouse scale down there might be ideal.
I think South Riverfront/Chouteau's Landing has the best chance for that right now -- as I recall, the entire area went up for sale several months back. It has good bones for a lot of those buildings to go loft conversion, at least. And with the momentum farther up Broadway, it could, maybe be feasible.

Either way, I divert this thread. Back to Detroit lol.
Here's another non-Gilbert/Ilitich project downtown.... rehab for a new F500 (spinning off from Milwaukee-based Johnson Control) setting up HQ in the D.

Adient's new headquarters takes front seat at Detroit auto show ... ront-.html


And not long ago Lear Corp, another F500 company, bought and rehabbed a downtown building for its Innovation Center (while keeping its HQ in suburbs)


if we can get this kind of jobs momentum driving downtown development, we could get really get things going here
Cordish is going to put up a Two Light-type tower on a parking lot overlooking Comerica Park as part of the large-scale Ilitch development plan. ... ium=social