Landing Development

The design competition and remake of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, AKA the Arch grounds.
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Perhaps more mixed-use residential is in store as a real-estate broker tweeted the Trader's Building at 801-805 N 2nd is under contract to a multi-family developer, It's this one...


I believe the building has a fair amount of vacancy right now.
Excellent! Hopefully some of the announcements from last year are making a turn for the better in interest on the Landing.
I assume there is enough vacancy in all these upper floors to add at least a couple hundred each of office workers and residents, probably enough to make for a pretty decent neighborhood that wouldn't have to worry as much on entertainment/tourism. And I guess when that happens we'll see some new construction and redevelopment interest in the Near North Riverfront.
Received an email from a Leasing Specialist at Advantes Group. The general gist of the email was...

The building, called the Peper Lofts, is under construction. As of right now, we’re estimating that the apartment units will be ready for residential move-ins this coming fall.

The units are all going to be either 1-BR/1-BA or 2-BR/1-BA layouts.

The prices of the units won’t be finalized until they’re closer to being done. To give you a ballpark estimate, the 1-BR/1-BA units will range between $850-$1,050. The 2-BR/1-BA units will be between $1,250-$1,400. These are prices based off our current properties that the Peper Lofts will be similar to.
^Those prices don't seem too bad. Not sure what the prices are on Wash Ave now but that is on the lower end of what they were when I lived there 2010-2012ish
Pretty good pricing, honestly.