Landing Development

The design competition and remake of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, AKA the Arch grounds.
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With the Delta Dental Theater moving out of the Landing, the aquarium could be a nice small-scale attraction to take its place and maybe bring in some school groups if they get a good educational program down. Hopefully it works out and we'll see where it goes from there.
I'm sorry, but I have absolutely no faith in Sonnenscheim's ability to build anything more than a roadside attraction.
CarexCurator wrote:
Looking around Geo St. Louis, there's a Chouteau's Landing LLC and a Fourth Street Chouteau's Landing LLC... Are these the same company, and if so why is one company holding most of Chouteau's Landing? What's the planned future development? I've never heard anything at all.

An attorney named Steve Murphy bought up all the buildings a decade or so ago. He had some big plans to redevelop the area, but outside of 2-3 small scale rehabs on 4th Street, none of it ever came to fruition. The Crunden-Martin building has suffered major damage, and the Powell Square building was demoed. There's a thread here on Chouteau's Landing that covers the details.

His website hasn't been updated in years:
Like Framer noted, tough to have much confidence. What he proposes is level which seems far from his financial grasp and no one simply turns over that kind of money. Heck, when I eventually sell my house in Shrewsbury I could buy up a piece of property but to build a $25 million facility and having the means to float the operating expenditures until fiscally sound if ever becomes so is way beyond most people means to make it happen and even most small businesses.

I like Carex idea with the zoo but maybe a guaranteed curator for x years with a buyout clause. I doubt Zoo and taxing district would sign on, make it happen and then give him control. Zoo could certainly handle it, bring in the much needed donor base to support it, would be nice break away from Grant's Farm if that ever settles and gives the zoo/region to tie something to the Big Muddy.
Arch Paper ran a story yesterday with some commentary from Tyler Meyr, principal at Forum, on their plan for Laclede's Landing/North Riverfront.

Not sure if this means anything more concrete is coming soon, or if it's just a slow news week at Arch Paper...
The opportunity to create a riverfront district (which incorporates the historic presence of the landing, innovative aspects of cortex, and the vibrancy of a dense residential neighborhood) is far superior to any sports based development. Im sure that is obvious. If only STL had a greater level of investment (no that ours is bad but we must focus on what we have going before something of this nature takes off). One day im sure this can be a reality.
I found this today on a Drury Hotel 21 story Nashville Tower proposal.

This would be nice on Laclede's Landing. Come on Drury. ... tower-plan
Seeing that just makes me think...

Oh come on!!

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I am one to give Drury a break, very few people have done more over the last 25 years to stabilize downtown. They stepped in while the demo crew was actually tearing down the International Fur Building to rescue it. Also doubt Union Market would be around if it wasn't for them, probably destroyed for dome parking. Not to mention the Union Station Y building. I think their like the Gills, smart business people but also civic investors.
Good people. And they still have big plans for the city....
Agreed. I was going to cry about International Fur. I couldn't believe Drury managed to save it mid demo. (And not just IF. All three buildings on the block were a part of the same project. All would have gone. All were saved.)
Since Drury seems to be more of a hotel developer with limited, if any, experience on the residential/office side, I kind of would like to see them sell the Union Market for a residential re-hab (with street-level retail, particularly on the 6th Street side) and go ahead with a new tower like their Nashville and Indy plans on their Landing parcels.
A hotel would be a nice anchor at Washington-Eads and Memorial drive...would help connect Lumiere/Lacledes landing with the arch grounds and provide a destination at the end of Washington Ave. A big problem downtown IMO is all the little pockets of things that are just a little too far apart to feel connected...but that location could serve the area well overall if developed.
I can't help but feel like the Landing is just a couple good projects away from reaching a critical mass of sorts. Maybe not as the nightlife destination it once was, but an actual neighborhood. The only thing it is really missing is residents, and with the existing tourist presence it won't take as much as other places to liven it up. The parking lots and bare grass are just begging for some respectfully designed 6-10 story apartment buildings. The day that the intersection of Lucas and 1st street looks like an urban intersection and not an abandoned construction site will be the day that the Landing has come back.

Lucas street through that parking lot also needs to come back.
Can't be a neighborhood without residential
I think the landing is a good location for tactical urbanism. A man made beach and a string of storage containers under the raised tracks. Stuff that can be removed during the colder months. St. Louis Pier during the summer!


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^ I believe GRG owns a ready made parking lot on the landing for a beach that was handed to them on the casino deal as part of the $50 million development commitment before it was sold to Tropicana if not mistaken. Believe the lot is linear, would be raised and overlook the big muddy and give the occasional Amtrak rider a double take to see a sunbather or two when leaving and entering city on the alternate rail route through Arch Grounds.
Riverfront beach idea was submitted to Rally STL in 2012.

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2015, 2002

Somehow I don't think the over-fancy casino and hotel have replaced all the life that was along First Street earlier.
Brutal comparison. What kills me is that all the parking across from the Admiral has just shifted 1/2 block west, and that Admiral parking has become an abandoned gravel lot. Basically, the parking that replaced a pretty solid block of historic structures already existed about 16 feet east of where it is now!!! So sad.
Of course at one time that gravel lot was a small rail yard accessed from the line on Wharf street with some Wabash heavyweights stored into the early eighties. There's a substantial part of me that thinks pulling that line was a mistake, as that would be absolutely the perfect place for a tourist train. I had the pleasure of visiting the Freedom Train there when it visited so many many years ago. There could have been no finer place for a small boy to see a red, white, and blue steam locomotive and a trainload of touring history than in the shadow of the arch.
Some possible good news for The Landing...

the old Metro HQ at 701 N 1rst is slated for a mixed-use conversion by Advantes.... Abstakt Marketing next door would expand and and 26 residential units would be carved out. There was a hearing today on New Markets for it and they also will seek abatement and HTCs.
STLrainbow wrote:
Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:16 pm
Some possible good news for The Landing...

the old Metro HQ at 701 N 1rst is slated for a mixed-use conversion by Advantes.... Abstakt Marketing next door would expand and and 26 residential units would be carved out. There was a hearing today on New Markets for it and they also will seek abatement and HTCs.
Residential would be huge