Terry Park Place, The Gate District

Discuss renovations and new residential construction in South City -- defined by the area south of Interstate 44/55.
CF Vatterott is building 25 new homes around Compton and Eads. Five sites are under contract, average price $280,000.

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^ Seems like this will fill out the vacant lots on Eads and maybe St. Vincent as well. Hopefully the older homes will be saved and it would be nice to see what UIC could do here, but this looks like it will be a serviceable development for an area with rather bleak architectural quality for new homes.
Why not just call it Wentzville Place.
I totally get this sentiment:
stlgasm wrote:
Why not just call it Wentzville Place.
. But, the Gate District will never be a shining example of St. Louis architecture. The original fabric is long gone. That said, I think this is good for the area. These homes will bring in middle class owners...which is something this part of town really needs. Some people just want a new home and want something built to spec. These will give them that option. But again, this design does not inspire.
Why not call it "Wentzville Place"?

Because it's 2 minutes from downtown in St. Louis city.
Yeah, I'd like to see the site plans etc. before we dis this development. It might not be all that bad.

Meh. This district is a particularly bad apple in what is shaping up to be a vastly improved corridor between 64 and 40. I'm happy for just about any development here that doesn't end up becoming tract housing. Connecting Lafayette Square/Soulard areas with the CWE and Botannical Gardens area with healthy, functioning neighborhoods would be a huge step forward for this city.

So unless it's something like Aventura, I'm not going to get bent out of shape.
Actually, this project will do a great job of filling in the streetscape west of Compton. Looks like all the garages will be served by the existing alleys, with no front curb cuts or garage doors. Yes, there's a lot of siding, but come on, let's face it; all-brick construction is just too expensive these days. In a few years, after the landscaping matures and the personal touches are added, this area will look great.
These homes are under construction now. One of the first is along Eads Avenue, right next to an old brick beauty. You can check the progress right across from Terry Park near Compton and Eads. This infill will be good for the area.
This project hasn't been wild fire but it continues to make slow progress... a couple more homes were permitted the past couple weeks.