Compton Gate Condominiums to be completed

Discuss renovations and new residential construction in South City -- defined by the area south of Interstate 44/55.
A post on next door Shaw yesterday announced an open house at the Compton Gate Condominiums, located on South Grand between Flad and Cleveland. The condos facing grand were completed in 2007, however six condos were left with only the foundation in place. According to the post, the six condos will be constructed and completed this summer and fall. Great news for that stretch of S. Grand!
This is fantastic. If I'm not mistaken, this used to be the site of a Shoney's restaurant, right? More density on the eastern edge of Shaw and the DeTonty UIC project on the northern edge...Shaw is going to have a great year! Exciting.
That name is a tongue-twister that's pretty fun to get wrong :lol:
awesome! hopefully some mixed use will replace that f*cking Jack-In-The-Box in the near future.
Excellent... I had no idea there were more spots tucked behind.

^ the re-do does look better but yeah, it would be nice to get that out of there. and the tall sign should go regardless.
^ There are still several lots along that stretch that could use a bit of urbanity. In particular, I'd love to see the two corners at Shenandoah on the west side and the two corners on the east side at Sidney built upon.
At least that Jack In The Box is in nice shape and is relatively close to the street. Certainly a mid-rise building with residential and/or retail would be an improvement, but it could be worse.

Also, I like JITB on occasion, and it's so convenient! LOL.
Maybe if it were a Jack in the Box inside a normal restaurant space in one of S. Grand's many historic buildings who's storefronts are sadly sitting empty right now. It wouldn't have a drive-thru, but it would kill two birds with one stone: provide fast food + jobs for the neighborhood AND remove a vacant commercial property from the S. Grand strip.

The current one could be torn down and replaced by more of these condos.
I can't see a Jack In The Box of all places not having a drive through. I think they rely on it too much. That said, maybe there are still ways it could work. Or maybe they wouldn't be able to move into one of the vacant historic buildings but could be the lower level of a mid-rise in the same spot.
Maybe they could do something like that new Subway they're building on Kingshighway. Or is it Soulard? I think they're building two of them, actually.
Yeah. Soulard is getting a new one with a drive-thru, and Kingshighway is getting a rebuilt Swedish National Society building with a Subway as the ground level retail and a drive-thru.

Speaking of Subway, there is a subway that is much uglier and at a more prominent spot than the Jack in the Box just a bit further south on Grand at Shenandoah.

The Subways in Soulard and Kings Oak are examples of them playing nice with decent (not saying great) architecture. It would be nice to get that one on Grand rebuilt, though I'm not sure what would spur them to do it.
Don't worry, in time all those drive-thrus and lots on S. Grand will be developed into much better stuff. Maybe in ten or so years we'll have a S. Grand with more high-rises like on Skinker.
Status report 9 Jan 2015

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