127-unit Apt Building Victor and 7th

Discuss renovations and new residential construction in South City -- defined by the area south of Interstate 44/55.
Whistler One L.L.C. 2403, 2405, and 2415-17 S. 7th Boulevard and 721 Victor Street.
5 stories, 118 units

https://nextstl.com/2016/04/five-story- ... r-soulard/
That design looks straight out of the 90s, but I guess something is better than nothing...
That's a great development; nicely massed and urban in form. And it'll absolutely fill up, and probably quickly. But yes, it looks like pretty much every other multi-unit new residential building built recently or being built currently around town. Still, if quality materials are used it can be a contributing member of the built environment.

It'd be nice if there were some form of mixed-use componentry, even if it's just a shop on one of the corners. But that'd probably be a bit of a hard sell; there's not much retail in that stretch of 7th.

This was in an historic district, and so they had to have a model example. The brick massing and large industrial windows were intended to mimic a nineteenth century warehouse.
I like it, except for the top floor set-back. The large, "industrial" windows are really nice. And yes, I expect it will be the usual wood-framed, panel facade construction; but at least it's brick, and not fiber-cement.

Too bad their view across 7th will be of a trucking terminal.
^ yeah, i'm super over the whole top floor setback nonsense. it always looks like crap because it gives developers license to use cheaper materials for facing. i wish it would go away.
Approved by the Preservation Board:

http://www.stltoday.com/business/column ... ec7b2.html
Are the slightly protruding windows with lighter brick around them actually juliet balconies? I hope they are. Something about Soulard living and all of its upstairs porches makes balconies make extra sense here.
I dont understand the value of a Juliet Balcony at all
^ Adds perceived value without adding cost? Not sure...
mjbais1489 wrote:
I dont understand the value of a Juliet Balcony at all

http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/the-bea ... coni-87306
Developer is appealing denial to Board of Adjustment.
^ Any link or details on this? Is the project stalled?
^^ the preservation board denied it? on what grounds?
^ Preservation Board approved, I believe, but Building Commissioner denied re-zoning for the proposal. Not sure what grounds. but it would be different from what Pres Board looked at. Anyway, the appeal is next week to Board of Adjustment:

https://www.stlouis-mo.gov/government/d ... -8-16x.pdf

Funny thing though this is one of those deals where the appellant actually chairs the Board... I suppose Klitzing will have to recuse himself.
http://www.bizjournals.com/stlouis/morn ... tment.html

See the link to the flier in the above article. Soulard residents are really concerned about too much density and lack of parking? Absurd.
Meanwhile, another large apartment project is proposed for Soulard over on Gravois and Russel at the Faultless Linens site.

https://nextstl.com/2016/06/20m-126-uni ... l-soulard/
the Apted brothers are the same ones that proposed the Dogtown apartment...these guys are 25ish and no clue what theyre doing..just playing with dads money
^ Could be the case, but you have to like the fact that you got at least two decent proposals for re-use of light industrial/old commercial lots being proposed for Soulard neighborhood.
Any word on this project after last week's appeal?
Any update on the rezoning appeal?
I don't think that awful, but it is worse than the original

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The windows in that watercolor look waaaaaay cheaper and smaller than the larger casement windows that appear in all of the other renderings.