Sherman School Redevelopment - 3942 Flad

Discuss renovations and new residential construction in South City -- defined by the area south of Interstate 44/55.
Advantes, which recently completed the Mack Lofts project in the old Hope Lutheran School and will begin work on the old Lafayette School in Soulard, recently closed on the Sherman School in Shaw. ... 03b8e.html

Not sure how many units are planned.
^Great news for Shaw, which seems to have ever-increasing rehab money poured into it. Only a 12-block, 20-minute walk from SLU Hospital, hopefully this project is a sign of things to come as the planned SLU / SSM merger investments take shape.
Yeah this will be a nice addition. I don't think there are any larger apartment buildings in Shaw. Looks like they will be starting on that next year?

On a tangent here but Shaw is a great place to buy. With the exception of a few spots all the blocks within Shaw have been preserved and even though a ton of houses have been rehabbed there is still plenty of opportunity. I'm excited to see what effect the new SLU hospital will have. I'd love for them to take a greater role in the community like Barnes/WashU did in the Grove. Maybe we will see McRee area get some investment and they can open up Thurman again. They do need to redesign the TG Ave and Vandeventer bridge in order to encourage development along TG Ave.
This looks to be opening tomorrow. ... 247023_ll/

I cant find a website for the whole apartment building, only this Zillow rental ad.