Lafayette School- Soulard

Discuss renovations and new residential construction in South City -- defined by the area south of Interstate 44/55.
StL dev had this a few days ago - This School has been vacant for years and I have always wondered why developers have not picked it up. My guess is that SLPS real estate arm can be reluctant to sell, or just flat out difficult to deal with.

Anyway another good project, hopefully they will dig up the asphalt on the west side of the building for a little green space.

This southern edge of Soulard is starting to come together, the infill projects, ice house lofts and this project will add some nice density south of Russell ... erted-into
^ Yup, grass will replace the asphalt in front. Some carports will be built to the side. Work should begin later this month... 24 two bedrooms and 12 one bedrooms. ... 03b8e.html