3201 Morgan Ford - Rehab & Infill

Discuss renovations and new residential construction in South City -- defined by the area south of Interstate 44/55.
Planning Commission reviews this today.
NIMBYs are on the Tower Grove South page having a stroke over this as an uninformed individual just learned of this and is complaining about it. Of course, their complaints are about parking and design. They were also trashing MOFO. They need to learn that their neighborhood is trendy right now and if they don't like it, they can leave.
^That's a bit harsh. Existing neighbors have every right to speak up about concerns they may have about what's happening in their 'hood. Dialog leads to understanding and compromise. Hopefully those directly involved can work things out and nobody will have to leave.
^Making an argument against density and in favor of parking in one of the most urban and dense neighborhoods in the city is selfish and short sighted. There are plenty of places in the metro that are quite hospitable to selfish and short sighted individuals. I don't personally care to see my neighborhood turn into one of them.

This proposed plan follows the form and function of the surrounding area. It provides a very high use case for a vacant building and adjacent vacant lot. It will expand the tax base and create a more vibrant community. Arguing against something that disrupts the fabric of the neighborhood and reduces the economic impact of the parcel is one thing. Arguing against this is the opposite and reeks of that heinous women spending her dying years stifling progress in the CWE.

If someone doesn't like it, they aren't living in the right place. That's their fault, not the rest of ours.
^^ i'm all for listening to *valid* concerns (public rights of way, appropriate zoning, etc.) but 90% of the time the "concerns" are just selfish, out-of-touch bullsh*t: OMG not enough parking! But where will the squirrels live?!