More development coming to Washington MO

Discuss new retail, dining, business and residential projects in Jefferson County, Lincoln County, and Franklin County, Missouri.
A new Wal-Mart Super Center is currently under construction in Washington's hot commercial strip along Highway 100. Plans were also recently announced for a Target Store and a Kohl's Store.

Washington has experienced steady growth over the past few decades:

Pop. 1980 9,251

Pop. 1990 11,423

Pop. 2000 13,243

Pop. 2008 14,675 (est)

The city claims to serve a "shopping population" of more than 120,000 people in Franklin and Warren counties.

To accomodate the area's increased traffic, MODOT is planning to widen Highway 100 from Interstate 44 to Highway 47.

^And the City of Washington is taxing itself more to pay for the widening sooner.

The new Walmart Supercenter, Target, and Kohl's are already open, by the way. A new JC Penney expanded into the old Walmart Supercenter site, too. I was through that area just a couple weeks ago.
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Besides the businesses already mentioned (Target, Kohl's, etc.), a number of other new businesses have opened in Washington, including rue21, Shoe Carnival, SuperCuts, Jimmy Johns, Qdoba, Steak n Shake, Bob Evans, Clarkson Eyecare, and two Starbucks (one is inside Target). Existing stores that relocated to new locations include GNC and Maurices.

A few more businesses are scheduled to open this year, in the Phoenix Center II development (where Target, Kohls, and the businesses mentioned above are located). The site plan for that development is online here:

Besides the businesses going into the new development, Washington is also getting a St. Louis Bread Company (near Route 100/Highway 47) and a Hibbett Sports (next to the new Walmart).

The Highway 100 widening project that was mentioned is now underway (started just a few weeks back). Info on it (including video) is here:

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The new 4 lane Highway 100 between Washington and I-44 is open and looks great. With I-44 being expanded to 6 lanes between Pacific and Washington (and Union soon), the Washington/Labadie/Union region will continue to grow. I imagine that Franklin County's population will rise quite a bit when people see how convenient the new Highway 100 will be and all of the great development and city improvements Washington continues to make. ... 002e0.html