Metrolink Announcement System

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matguy70 wrote:
I just took the Red Line Eastbound from Terminal 2/Airport to Union Station. The conductor talked the entire time with little quiet time and yelled at people to board the train faster because it was full with Blues fans going downtown in the eve. It is ridiculous.

Just because it hasn't been fixed in 20 years doesn't make your problem anybody else's. You just need to breathe deeply and buy noise canceling headphones. :wink:
Seriously. METRO are you listening?
I love this automated message that plays at the stations:

"Eating or drinking is prohibited onboard all Metrolink trains. And metro buses. Anyone caught eating or drinking is subject to receive a summons and removal from the train. Or bus."

I wish he would say, "Eating or drinking is prohibited. Care to find out WHICH?"

And then the word "caught" seems so childish. We caught you! Nanner nanner!
The wildly disparate eating/drinking rules on US transit are really weird. From water being prohibited on Metrolink to open beers being sold to passengers boarding Metra/LIRR/Metro North-type trains in Chicago/NY.

Soft drinks/water should at least be allowed on Metro. It's awful to try to prevent people from drinking some water on an hour-long commute.

As for the announcements, every single aspect of Metro's use of technology is awful. Theirs and other apps have no method of removing the blue line trains from the schedule/trip planner when they're not running east of forest park after 8pm weekdays for months.

The app also can't account for buses making up time. It so often shows a bus scheduled to arrive in 20 minutes is going to be 10 minutes late, then it ends up making up all that time and being right on time.

The big screens at cortex can't even display an updated schedule with that blue line stoppage. There's a service advisory on those big cortex screens about the service interruption, but they only mention some September date on them.

Then we have the neverending implementation of the smart farecard system.