Trailnet: Connect St. Louis

All the ways we move people and things: trains, planes, automobiles, biking, walking, etc.
Trailnet Announces Study Corridors for Bike/Ped Network: Connecting St. Louis

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”Trailnet is excited to announce our bicycle and pedestrian study corridors. Through a multi-year, robust, collaborative process that engages people from all walks of life, we have determined the optimum streets for a cohesive network. Our goal is to make cycling and walking a practical means of moving about the city while encouraging creative placemaking to build community.

Where will it go? Trailnet’s study corridors extend north to O’Fallon Park and Fairground Park, and south to the Missouri Botanical Garden and Cherokee Street. These corridors fill mobility gaps to seamlessly connect existing and planned multimodal transportation projects, including the Downtown Multimodal Study, the Chouteau Greenway Design Competition, and the Northside/Southside Light Rail Study."

Trailnet has really lost its way in the recent years....i dont even know what they do on daily bases on than chasing grants to stay open.
From what I know, they're all planning, awareness, and advocacy for bike/walking... so its definitely confusing because they don't have physical outputs like GRG does, but I'd assume they are doing something. I keep seeing all of these maps pop up like this?
They can’t implement these plans and they really don’t play well with people that would be the ones implementing these. And they really are dropping the ball on advocacy