Bike Lanes New I-44 Bridges over Meramec River at I-44/I-270

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I am thrilled to read this news release from MODOT. I attended a MODOT public presentation in October about the new I-44 bridge and talked to the project manager and top engineers on the bridge, pushing for a bike lane to finally link the two long trails on opposite sides of the River. I also exchanged messages with GRG, and Trailnet urging them to push MoDOT to add a bike lane as they did for new bridges over the Missouri River. MoDOT said they would be willing to listen to GRG and Trailnet on this. I offered to rent a room in Kirkwood Community Center to get all parties together, but MoDOT said they would facilitate the meeting.

Then I never heard back, and I assumed the whole idea was dead. So this is surprising and welcome news. I assume there were others bikers and hikers who recognized this rare opportunity to start linking existing trails for recreation, commuting, etc. to get St Louis to become a bike-commuting community. This can allow bikers to bike from the West end of Grant's trail through quiet bike friendly streets of Kirkwood to the Fenton trail that goes all to George Winter Park to the East, and I-141 in Valley Park to the West.

If they finish this by 2022 as planned, I will probably be able to take advantage of this trail link to bike from my home in Kirkwood to George Winter Park on quiet streets and off-road trails. Great job MoDOT, GRG, Fenton, Kirkwood, and Sunset Hills! ... sId=214663

-Gary Kreie

Prepared by Andrew Gates, 314/453-1808

March 13, 2018 12:10 PM
MoDOT partners with Great Rivers Greenway, municipalities for I-44 shared use path over Meramec
ST. LOUIS – People who use the Meramec Greenway (the shared use path for walking, running or biking) in Fenton and Sunset Hills will be able to cross the Meramec River into Kirkwood when a new shared use path over the river opens in 2022.

The Missouri Department of Transportation and Great Rivers Greenway today came to an initial funding agreement for a shared use path across the Meramec, next to the new I-44 Meramec River bridges. Construction on that project will start this fall, with the construction on the shared use path across the river expected to be complete late in the project.

MoDOT is funding the foundation for the bridge for the shared use path, while Great Rivers Greenway is funding the 12-foot-wide bridge structure across the river. Fenton, Kirkwood and Sunset Hills have tentatively agreed to seek funding for the work to connect the shared use path to the existing Meramec Greenway system on the west side of the Meramec. This connection will also link to Emmenegger Nature Park, Powder Valley Nature Center and Conservation Area, Possum Woods Conservation Area and nearby Laumeier Sculpture Park.

“Over the years, there has been a great deal of interest from the cycling community for a bridge that crosses the Meramec River. We are ecstatic that we are able to partner with Great Rivers Greenway, and the municipalities on both sides of the Meramec River to make this a reality,” said Tom Blair, MoDOT District Engineer for the St. Louis region.

“Bridging over a river is a rare opportunity in any region; creating access that connects communities changes how people get around the region,” said Susan Trautman, CEO of Great Rivers Greenway. “This collaboration of partners demonstrates what can be done when people work together to improve our quality of life – greenways create connections for people to get where they need to go, explore their communities and enjoy some fresh air.”


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it helps that the new MoDOT STL District head, Tom Blair is an avid cyclist and the head of planning for the modot stl district, who does across state bicycle rides like the one people do across Iowa in a week
Nice front-page piece on the front of the Webster - Kirkwood Times newspaper about the planned pedestrian/bicycle bridge across the Meramec River linked to the new I-44 car bridge over the river at I-270.


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