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I didn't even watch the whole video and nearly everything about the meeting seemed exhausting haha (like that one guy who made such a big deal out of leasing that land to the Kinloch VFD for $1 annually). Such is managerial life, I suppose.
Now we know where the new food location will be in T2. They are replacing the chapel with it. ... c4fa6.html

Also, it looks like ride share pickups in T2 are moving to over in front of the exit for FIS. So no more ride share in the regular passenger pick up.
I'd guess it would be more useful outside security anyway. That chapel is tiny and feels quite uninspired. It's like someone tacked a few icons in an license office and declared it done. Not a patch on the one in T1. Hopefully this will be a win win for both those hungering for better spiritual and corporeal nourishment.
November numbers are out.

Passengers up 6.0% YTD at 14,388,276. Passengers for the month up 5.1% at 1,324,845. Total operations still down (1.3%) YTD at 178,273, still likely due to the EAS cuts and upgauging. YTD cargo tonnage also up another 4.0% to 67,933.

If passenger numbers continue at around 6% growth for December, that should end the year at around 15.6 million, the highest total since 2003 (the last year the airport was above 20 million pax). Very good to see.
EAS service to TBN (Fort Leonard Wood) is changing from Cape Air to Contour and going to be on a E135 starting Feb 12. Quite a change.

Press Conference on January 8th. ... al-airport
Interesting article on “Moxy Airlines” a start-up created by JetBlue founder. Seems almost guaranteed that they will be in STL and/or KC.

- Considering only mid-markets, no hubs
- Mentioned flying Midwest to Europe.
- Selecting routes not already served.
- Will not be in markets already served by JetBlue. ... ew-airline
Sun Country already expanding in STL.

Reported today, the airline will start nonstop flights to PDX (Portland, OR) and MSP (Minneaplois/St. Paul) this summer. The PDX flights are hot in the STL market. Southwest offers daily nonstops and Alaska did until earlier this year (as a result of their cuts because of aircraft not passenger loads) ... ta-lambert
Great news. Lambert continues on its roll.
This isn't really news, but I went out to take a few shots of the final WOW flight yesterday and got an interesting surprise . . .

The Last WOW


They were taking off on runway 24. Yes, you heard me right. Departing 24. There was a departure cue six or eight planes long since they were landing the same runway for a while. (I started watching about four o'clock. They began to depart 29 around five, but continued to use 24 for arrivals until I went home after dark. Oh my, but the landing cue for 24 looks IMPRESSIVE from Banshee when you drive right blinking through the landing lights of the lead aircraft. Didn't get a shot of that, but I got a couple of decent sunset shots.

Into the Sunset


There's more, of course. But I'll save it for my vanity thread or just wander over to Flickr.
^Nice catch!

I used to travel quite a bit back in the 90's and we used that runway once. I remember the flight like it was yesterday.

It was a TWA flight (of course) and we departed from MSP in late March where it was cold, 45 degrees with rain and lightning! Spring was trying to make an appearance up there and snow was still on the ground. Conditions at STL were completely different: 82 degrees, sunny with high winds out of the southwest so they came straight in like a rocket. That was one rough flight.

Yesterday was probably a similar experience with the high winds out of the west/southwest.
I've seen flights arrive 24 on FlightAware every once in a while, but that's literally the first time I've seen a departure that way. The fellow over on the Elevator Channel filmed an arrival on 6 once from a Cape Air Cessna. That was also quite impressive and unusual.Honestly, it didn't seem that absurdly windy from where I was standing, but maybe the hotel was shielding me more than I knew. By the time I got over to Berry Hill they were starting to shift to 29 anyway. (At least for departures.) Still a DANG odd combination: Arrive 24, depart 29. And I do mean everyone. When I first got to the west end I watched WN891 to TPA pretty much take a tour of the field before taxiing to 29 to depart. After that things were much more smooth. Arrivals were mostly or entirely able to turn onto Delta and departures could use Charlie and Sierra. Looked like a pretty efficient taxi once they got it going, as it cuts out most of the waits for conflicts. Just . . . the wind has to be exactly right.

And man was that ever the neatest view of a landing cue when I drove down Banshee on my way home. Spectacular. Oh, the lights!
I remember approaching 24 at night and being caught really off guard. We had a really clear view of the crowd on the lawn at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (formerly Riverport). Pretty cool stuff.
About a month ago or so they had departures off 24 also, I saw the Alaska San Diego flight take off from it, others did also. It was the first time I have seen it. I see landings on 24 more often (still not a lot obviously)
I don't speak Airportese, so I have no idea what you guys are saying. rather grouchy neighbor of mine here in University City has been complaining about how "airplanes are flying right over my house making too much noise". She says this has been going on for the last few days. We've tried to explain to her about atmospheric conditions, weather and wind causing take offs and landings to be re-routed, etc., etc.

She prefers to believe in some vague conspiracy directed at her, but whatever.
I will fight the urge to give a basic flight lesson, as I'm not even a pilot, but here's a diagram. Runway 24 is the one that cuts across the airport diagonally from northeast to southwest. And if you're going the other direction it's runway 6. Same strip of concrete, but the names are directionally sensitive, as they're basically short form directions.


Normally aircraft use 30/12 left and right. The A concourse airlines like to use 11/29 when the wind is out of the east. Which brings up the other small bit: you land and take off into the wind, as the your own inertia relative to the wind gives you some free lift. You don't have to go as fast relative to the ground. (Or runway.) And crosswinds are a pain, so when the wind is too far wrong . . . you land on a different runway. (Or at a different airport.) All aircraft have somewhat different tolerances, but there's always a limit. And it's always at least a little more taxing on the crew. More stuff to think about. More math. More procedures. So yeah, it's a conspiracy of the weather against your friend.
I was flying from ORD on a E175 last month and we landed on Runway 24. It was my first time landing on that Runway and I have to confess I was really confused to see the airplane fly past Terminal 1!
The requirements to use 6/24 involves a 25+ knot crosswind to 12/30, which obviously doesn't happen often.

I've landed on 24 a number of times... never seen landings on 6 (other than the Cape Air video). Can't recall seeing takeoffs on 6... and maybe only once on 24.

The biggest issue is that using 6/24 limits landings to 20/hour. 12/30 can operate as much as 64 arrivals per hour.
Sounds like some progress and legitimate financing finally moving air cargo hub forward.

However, curious that Clayco got involved. Which gets me to think, does Clayco see a legit air hub, or do they see a big huge amount of built space in a tight industrial market? Clayco has built a fair share of industrial facilities but the impression I get from the article is that their more of a partner then simply the builder in this case. Could very much be wrong as well. ... 3ee4e.html
Interesting to see the historic tax credits and the new National Register listing. That really is a remarkably historic building. Not too many other buildings that deeply involved in the space program from that far back. And lord, they built everything there. It's not a terribly high profile building. It's not one that could ever be available for public tours, I expect. But it makes me happy to know it will be saved. Maybe some day in the far future when the airport is a mall and aquarium because commercial air travel has been replaced by drone taxis, Musk tubes, and space elevators, you can take a tour and see where the history happened: good and bad.
Roof fire on terminal 1. Seemed like relatively minor, but stil... ... b8a27.html
Southwest is adding an extra flight to Atlanta for the Super Bowl...... But it is on a MAX8, so at least there is that.
Me thinks this will be back before the board when the next session starts. I imagine the majority are probably in favor of a public vote, but John Collins decided to since he didn't get his way on his (ridiculous) ward reduction ploy, he felt the need to kill this out of spite. At the very least he proved the city desperately needs ward reduction.

Anyway, any news on December's numbers? I'm curious to hear how Lambert ended the year.
The Mayor wrote: Anyway, any news on December's numbers? I'm curious to hear how Lambert ended the year.
Not yet. I would expect it this week. In the commission meeting Rhonda said she expects between 15.6 and 15.7. Sounds like Nashville and Austin both passed us up this year. Nashville was just a few thousand short of 16 and Austin right behind them. We did gain on Dallas-Love though. They are just above 16 mil.
Hello All,

First time poster here, wishing you all happy/safe travels in 2019 and beyond! I've been reading (hate the work "lurking") this forum for about a year now and I have a few observations/questions.

Regarding the expansion to C29-30, have anyone actually seen any construction work? The reason I ask is because I responded to a comment on STLs Fb page, when someone asked if T1 was going to experience any expansion of gates, like T2. I told the poster about the C29-30 expansion and the scheduled opening for March, 2019. I also linked the publicly released document of 5 May, 2016 which requested the funding. I also mentioned the new jet service to Ft. Leonard Wood and linked the press releases from the local paper down there as well as the St. Louis NPR link which discussed the story. Both of my comments, as well as the original poster's question, were deleted -- presumably by the airport.

Additionally, the original document which requested the funding for this project, and was listed in the airport's Wiki page (reference #119, IIRC) has been removed. From prior postings, I know Trolozilla monitors the airports Wiki page and noted changes. Any idea what happened here, Trolozilla?

On another note, FWIW, I've been watching the Icelandair Facebook page and I've asked them if they're going to start service to St. Louis. The reply I got was "You never know what the future brings. :wink: " IF they do come to STL, does anybody think they'd be the ones to use C29 or C30?

Finally, Jshank83, thanks for always sharing the latest numbers and inside info you hear from the airport personnel. I enjoy reading your posts, they're most informative!