North Sarah Development (Sarah / Finney)

Discuss construction activity, major renovations, office projects, streetscape improvements, etc. in North City -- defined by the area north of Delmar Avenue.
^ I like those developments and I like that they are "market rate".

The problem with the city is that there is too much low income housing and its really not sustainable. Most of St. Louis County and virtually all of St. Charles and Jefferson County have effectively banned low income housing and it puts a burden on the city to care for all of the region's entrenched poor (and homeless). This puts the city in a situation where it can never really grow because so many areas of the city are "no fly zones" to anybody that works for a living and wants a safe neighborhood for their family, black or white. Too many alderman complain about stuff that the city has no control over, many of them are poverty pimps that couldn't get elected if their constituents lived in stable communities.
^ I'm not sure how to respond to this. I guess I'll try by saying the greatness of McCormack Baron and the North Sarah project is that it shows that well-designed and managed mixed-income, mixed-use developments can be a wonderful thing for the city. Plus there is no way that the North Side can rebound without thoughtful mixed-income projects. Heck, even some of our marquee projects in the central corridor like Metropolitan Building and Arcade-Wright couldn't be done without such components or Southside Station in South City.

We have some very capable players like McCormack Baron and Millennium that can deliver excellent mixed-income work and frankly its necessary if we are to thrive. As for Northside Regeneration specifically, I hope that in this immense area there are market-rate only nodes of development, but there also must be mixed-income development, especially around potential rapid transit lines.
Actually from this article last November, McKee has been talking with McCormack Baron. Good move. ... 052de.html

McCormack Baron has a long history of work with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and its projects have won three of the nine Choice Neighborhood Grants — each roughly $30 million apiece — that HUD has issued nationally since 2010 to better tie public housing redevelopment into education, transportation and job training.

Teaming up just makes sense, McKee said.

“I don’t know how to win that kind of money,” McKee said. “Those guys are masters at it.”

I also wonder if the 79 home project with the various home builders is moving forward:

One of those soon-to-start projects is a pocket of new homes off North Florissant Avenue in St. Louis Place. McKee said he’s still hammering out pricing with his homebuilder-partners, but that he hopes the development will include row houses that start at about $100,000, with the most expensive houses going for around $350,000.
Hmmm...Curious why they apparently intend to tear down three occupied homes: ... clude.html
Phase II ribbon-cutting was today.... on to Phase III!
^^It's a good project, but I really hope they decide to/are forced to work around the handful of good stuff that already exists there. A few hundred year old buildings might make things a little less sterile.
roger wyoming II wrote:
Phase II ribbon-cutting was today.... on to Phase III!

According to the Post Dispatch,

• North Sarah Phase III—a project of 77 single-family units by McCormack Baron Salazar on Finney, Whittier and C.D. Banks avenues has received state and federal low income tax credits.
I really love this project I'm glad theres a phase III
Looks like North Sarah Phase III is moving forward... various funds have been awarded and McCormack Baron has secured the properties. However. I thought earlier it was going to cross over into some parcels east of Vandeventer, but I'm not sure that is the case now. In addition to North Sarah, something called Finney Place will bring 34 new construction units on 28 parcels in the same area. ... awards.cfm
A few renderings for North Sarah III.



^ I'm not sure what the family policies are on this site, but I say by all means keep on posting the porn!
Site plan?
Work is well underway, and some walls are going up.
Anybody have a progress report?
GoHarvOrGoHome wrote:
Anybody have a progress report?
Looks like most of the framing is finished, ready for the brickwork/siding.
The North Sarah Island gets bigger ... nce-1940s/
^Wow. That's a pretty big deal. Hope they can pull it off.
Not the greatest detail shown but the design seems to be good and looks like a decent price point for the neighborhood... hopefully this will be a big hit. Meanwhile, I've heard nary a peep on the big McKee residential project not too far away that was supposed to start this year.

Much more info and renders on their Facebook page.

(should this project get it's own thread in residential?) ... e_internal
Heaven forbid someone would want to pay actual money to live north of Delmar.

The one thing I don't understand is why people think there won't be affordable housing left in St. Louis development and gentrification continues. It's hard to imagine successful redevelopment covering every neighborhood in North City in my lifetime.