Clemens Mansion

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i expected McKee to have it burned down long before now.

so in the last 2 months we've lost/are losing Pevely, Clemens, and Buster Brown.

seriously, f*** this backward-ass city.
Last of Clemens House to be demolished any day

"The city's Cultural Resources Office, which reviews demolition permit applications for historic buildings, approved razing the building, which was all but destroyed by a July fire. St. Louis Building Commissioner Frank Oswald said his office is likely to give final approval for the demolition permit as soon as Thursday, or whenever the contractor picks it up".
A portion of the Clemens mansion may be rebuilt in City Museum:

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They opened a time capsule today. It was buried in the chapel's cornerstone in 1896. Anyone have pics?
^ F*ck Paul McKee. It makes me sick that that article tries to paint him as some sort of benefactor. He's an opportunistic pile of sh*t.
Wow. That crooked smile.

This has become truly mindblowing.
Yuck. Sent the writer an angry tweet. That'll learn em!