Lighthouse St. Louis: North Riverfront Mixed-Use Development

Discuss construction activity, major renovations, office projects, streetscape improvements, etc. in North City -- defined by the area north of Delmar Avenue.
there is a new site plan of this from April 2016
Update from nextstl ... ves-ahead/

I really can't believe this might still happen but it looks like a fun setup. I with they had something like this a closer to downtown but I hope it is successful. It is nice to see someone use the river in the development. It would also be nice to see this done for the people living in North City/County to have something closer to them.
It is a very interesting (if a bit suburban/parking lot-ish in design) proposition. I genuinely like the idea of a marina that can double as a tourist/entertainment destination. That's a niche that really has yet to be filled on our stretch of the Mississippi.

But this commenter from the NextSTL update has a point:
Justin Wolfe • 20 hours ago wrote: Who ever thought it is a good idea to put a marina above the chain of rocks hasn't thought this one through.
The Army Core of engineers calls the Chain of Rocks Reach "a 17 mile series of rock ledges ... extremely difficult and dangerous to navigate."

This is an opportunity for folks to put their boat a few hundred yards upstream from an "extremely difficult and dangerous" water hazard. You'd likely have sufficient clearance in something with a shallow draw like a john boat, but there are very strong currents that a little boat could struggle to deal with. Larger boats are in real danger of bottoming out on some fairly sharp rocks.

They're going to have to make it plainly obvious that it's dangerous to motor downstream, and even then I'm sure there'll be some who launch from the marina and ignore the warnings; they could easily end up in a life-threatening situation.


This will be a popular stop for boaters if they have a restaurant, marina, fuel and overnight accommodations.

Every boater will know about the chain of rocks hazard. This is a not far out of the way for boaters making "the great Loop" as it's right around the corner from the chain of rock canal.

There are some marina's up in Alton and over in Portage de Souix , st Charles etc and some cool resort areas like Chautauqua and lock haven.

This will be the only stop between Alton and Hoppiea marina in Kimswick.
framer wrote:
Wed Feb 21, 2018 12:56 pm
More curious goings-on: ... e8878.html
Abandon ship/barge/island!
How the heck can people with previous fraud, embezzelment, and extortion convictions get city handouts for a multi-million dollar flood plain boondoggle... and yet I can't even get my student loans refinanced. :roll: :evil:
^Heh! It's not what you know it's who you know? Story of what's wrong with our society in a nutshell.