Southern Funeral Home (Carondelet) demo for Family Dollar?

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I'll be sorry to see Southern go, but it's going to be nice to see Intrada renovate the rest of it. Their latest plans looked decent, at least. And it's a good cause. There's still no signage on the building, but the fencing's been up for a couple of weeks now, more or less. Will try to take pictures when it starts moving forward.
Mark Groth wrote:
Fri Feb 24, 2017 8:57 am

The above would be great, the 1939 Banneker School is in the Midtown Neighborhood.
Good to hear they're still working on the Banneker School... they were denied LIHTC funding round a couple years ago for it before moving on to this one. Hopefully they'll get it this time around. Getting Banneker done along with a couple other projects near it like the Beaumont Building would be a nice boost for the unlively area just west of Jefferson.
Interior demo has begun.
symphonicpoet wrote:
Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:50 pm
Interior demo has begun.
Very disappointing we didn't get any street retail in this prime spot but I'm glad the building was saved. Maybe one day...
There's enough street retail nearby that it's been hard to keep it all full. I'd love to see retail in it, but I'm not sure there's enough demand right now. Just not enough pedestrian traffic. What with the park across the street this disappoints me, but the north side of the park is oddly quiet and unfriendly to pedestrians. (Folks speed through and pass at crosswalks like a sun of a b****. I'm beginning to worry that by stopping for pedestrians I'm actually endangering them.) We really need some serious traffic calming and a heck of a road diet through the park. And some significant changes around it if one is to connect the park to Holly Hills east of Grand. There's tremendous potential . . . and a lot of problems that need to be sorted out.
symphonicpoet wrote:
Tue Mar 07, 2017 2:02 am
I'm beginning to worry that by stopping for pedestrians I'm actually endangering them.
a couple days ago i delayed a right turn to allow a pedestrian to cross and got honked at the whole time by the piece of sh*t behind me. again, drivers in this city are f*cking garbage.
Put the first of the promised pictures in a new thread called Intrada Lofts. Since the project is going forward and is unrelated to Family Dollar (to my knowledge) that seemed the thing to do.
Bunch of photos from the inside. It's a shame that it will be torn down. ... home0001-1
How does one get some of the things being torn out of here? Gotta know someone?
Don't need to know someone, just develop in a ward with an Alderman who does not care.