Southern Funeral Home (Carondelet) demo for Family Dollar?

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FYI for all you Carondeleters,Family Dollar is seeking a variance so that it can tear down the old Southern Funeral home on South Grand and replace it with.....wait for it....a Family Dollar.
Perhaps we hold a wake for the building.
Alex Ihnen wrote:
Perhaps we hold a wake for the building.

I'll buy a floral arrangement and a box of tissues for the widow. If only there were a store nearby where I could get each of those items for one hundred cents...

But, seriously, can't they just corner up to the Foodland that's like half a block down the street?
It gets better. Foodland is closing and being converted into two retail spaces. One of the spaces apparently has a signed lease with a new tenant. The good news is that the new tenant is not a Dollar General. The bad news is that the tenant is Family Dollar.
Boy, someone could really clean up by opening a 99-Cent store on that corner.
Where does this stand now?
The Southern Funeral Home was sold to Victorian Homes LLC(according to public records) and continues to sit and deteriorate. My understanding is that there has been break ins and subsequent board ups on multiple occasions. The Foodland site across the street at Holly Hills and Iron was repurposed into a Family Dollar and Planet Fitness.
Victorian Homes LLC has been registered since May 2011 to a St. Charles lawyer, Jeffrey Witt, who also owns two residences (one in St. Peters and the other in Manchester). He previously bought and flipped a two family on Clara Avenue (near Goodfellow and Natural Bridge) in 2006.

Gotta love public records searches.
Does anyone know what happened to the Southern Funeral Home metal and neon sign? It is now gone. Like Chuck D said: Who stole the soul?
And now it caught on fire. Check the box, just following the protocol on how to get a demo permit when you are initially denied. Sorry for the cynicism, but this is a real bummer.
^ of course. and there will be no serious investigation or repercussions. business as usual in St. Louis. i absolutely share your cynicism. i also don't believe that a "clerical error" resulted in the demolition of Beardy McGreen on S. 4th St. for each person that actually cares about this city and it's built environment, there are 10 who'd rather just exploit it. and it's really depressing and demoralizing.
Drove by this place few weeks ago and it looks like crap, wall cracking ect
A tweet from the Holly Hills Improvement Association indicated that new owners are in place for the Southern Funeral Home and they met with Alderman Villa. Nothing to report yet, but at least they are willing to sit down with the him whereas the previous owners were not. Still bummed the sign is gone.
Noticed the building next to it has been boarded up by the City, its like a 3 story L shaped building fronting S Grand and Holly Hills right at the entrance to the park...shame it looks so awful and those apartments on the other side at the entrance to the park could use some updating.




City records show the building to the east the corner) was condemned for occupancy with demolition prohibited in November 2007. Supposedly it has been empty for 7-1/2 years.
Does anyone have an update on the fate of the Southern Funeral Home or Shoppers Cleaners buildings just north of Carondelet Park?
^ I believe the plan for the teen housing was approved (and I believe received a state LIHTC award) and Southern Funeral is cleared for demo. Don't think anything has begun yet though.
What's your source RW? If I may ask. Didn't notice it in any of the preservation notes previously posted around here. Nothing has started yet on either property. But I'd hate to see another surface lot replacing the funeral home. That's precisely what we don't need there. Family Dollar is sad enough as is without a larger sea of empty parking.
I recall Preservation Commission approved the demo and I recall Missouri Finance Redevelopment Board approving the developer application for credits. I'm not sure if there are any more approvals needed though, and as you say nothing has started yet; in fact the Vencino group (or whatever their name is) seems to not even own the buildings yet.
symphonic, you also may want to check this comment out on the Preservation Board thread:


I'm pretty certain the Board approved the demo. But as presby said, this is the third try for the Intrada name so maybe they'll just strike out on it!
I can support something that reuses the building at Grand and Holly Hills. Wasn't aware the Southern Funeral Home was a part of the same proposal. I'd been under the impression Family Dollar wanted that. I must be out of date. And I certainly know folks that have been caught in the housing catch twenty two and could have used a little help making the transition from dependent in foster care to adult member of society. Clearly need to study the proposal a little better. Thank you.
It sounds like the transaction is set for closing on June 30th.
Looks like the Shopper's Cleaners building is moving forward. Here's a nice write up: ... lly-hills/

Some highlights:
Sometimes neighborhoods as nice as yours will fight against affordable housing. Alderman Villa and the Carondelet, Grand-Bates and Holly Hills neighborhoods deserve all the credit in the world for recognizing the potential of redevelopment and the need Intrada will serve for various members of your community.
Intrada began with a desire to help create permanent supportive housing for youth aging out of foster care. As a country, we’re asking kids from the worst of circumstances to do what kids from the best of circumstances can’t do—be completely autonomous and without help once they turn 18. Statistics show it isn’t working. Youth who have aged out of foster care are more likely to become pregnant, incarcerated, or homeless. They’re less likely to complete college. Across the board, the numbers are bleak.

Together with Epworth Children and Family Services, we set out to create permanent supportive housing that would change the odds for these young people. Intrada will be an intergenerational affordable housing development with a 20% special needs set-aside serving youth aging out of foster care. The remaining 80% of the units will meet the housing needs of the general qualifying population.
Q: Do you intend on expanding development in the St Louis area? Are there any future projects you can tell us about?

We do. We have an application out right now seeking Low Income Housing Tax Credits to redevelop the former Banneker School into housing. We’re also in the process of considering prospects for a funding round this fall.
https://grandbatesstl.files.wordpress.c ... 2615-2.pdf

The above would be great, the 1939 Banneker School is in the Midtown Neighborhood.

Sounds like demo will start this very soon.