Tower Grove Park Access Enhancements

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The city is proposing to complete a number of enhancements to Tower Grove Park access. I totally missed any meeting about this, but I'm a bit disappointed. I see too many people blowing stop signs on Arsenal as well as using the bike/parking lanes as through lanes. This includes a lot of crosswalks but not much else, especially for Arsenal east of Center Cross.

As this is likely the only time this happens for 20-30 years, I'd have liked to see the city go a lot further.

Will try to get pictures up later.
Really disappointing nothing is being done with Reber/Kingshighway (unless there's another plan) or across grand. Those are the main pain points IMO
I was at the open house and agree it could have been publicized more; I don't even think Tower Grove Park put it on their social media.

Anyway, imo the plan is pretty decent for the rather modest $1.2M project (80% from feds and the 20% local match coming from capital funds from the 8th, 10th & 15th wards). The bump-outs, ADA improvements and crosswalk markings should be a good improvement and hopefully the signalization improvements as well.

Several intersections from S. Grand and Kinghsighway (including Reber) were evaluated but ultimately not recommended for this project; I believe because of the limited funds; seems like there is a consensus that more will need to be done in the future.

Also, Mark Groth has a pretty good overview ... edestrians