Carondelet/Patch Broadway Strip

Discuss construction activity, major renovations, office projects, streetscape improvements, etc. in South City -- defined by the area south of Interstate 44/55.
Pretty interesting article about a part of town that isn't usually talked about. It compares the strip to the Grove before it got hot. A lot to like in the area. ... id=3387015

Endless possibilities down there. Glad to see the word getting out.
^ I believe Post Dispatch featured one of the businesses making a go of it down there but also struggling with industrial smells. I think you got some more challenges versus the Grove from an area that still has a definite industrial presence which is not a bad thing either or something that can bring jobs to the area and support businesses.

The last time I was in the area noticed Green Streets new spec light industrial space which is not too far believe.
Watkins Block Threatened ... hreatened/

I figured this could warrant some discussion here. Really think that this is one of the most important stretches of buildings on the whole Carondelet Strip.
As I have said before I think the greatest hindrance to this part of the city is its leadership. Our Alderman, CCBF, South Broadway Business association and larger property owners are people without vision or understanding of how important our built environment is. Because of them we have lost so many important structures over the past decade with no sign of stopping. We need neighborhood leaders that will fight for this amazing neighborhood.
This block of buildings on Broadway are not looking good. Drove by today and the southernmost building has a collapsed roof and hole in the wall. ... 312!8i6656
^ new owner recently applied for a demo permit again. just f***ing insane. this block would be an ideal candidate for prop NS money.
^How do we hold people responsible when they simply allow their buildings to deteriorate? Can we slap them with enough fines the city ends up with them and auctions them off again in a tax forfeiture? (I assume he's actually paying his property taxes.) Can he be taxed for decreased assessments resulting from his property damaging assessments throughout the area? This sort of thing is so (McKee) rampant. Particularly in some (McKee) neighborhoods.
^ yeah... i think the city needs to get tougher on commercial property owners and absentee residential owners re fines and litigation. (i believe the BOA recently passed such a bill but can't recall the number). in addition to unpaid property taxes, the city should be able to reclaim if violations persist for an extended period of time. and any sales of properties in poor condition should be mediated by the city contingent upon the buyer having a plan/financing to at least stabilize. it's not going to make things any worse for the city, which ends up having to maintain or demolish properties owned by these absentee-ists/opportunists anyway.

given the level of poverty in the city, enforcement against residential owners and grandfathered, lower-income commercial owners should probably be more fluid. perhaps some kind of income-based assistance program could be set up, similar to the fund established by prop NS. but the city can't indefinitely prop up property owners that can't maintain their properties.

this is another reason why we need more new, low-income housing in the city (a la Habitat for Humanity)--so that those who can't afford to maintain a 100+ year old brick home have other options.
This lawsuit was successful. I'd think it is a huge hassle to carry through with litigation.

StlToday - Editorial: St. Louis residents are fighting back against blight profiteers ... a4b72.html
^ ah, so it's a change in MO law and not a board bill. yeah, the big problem with this is that most city residents are going to be reluctant to sue (and rightly so) due to litigation costs and fear of counter-suits. i don't see this making much of a difference. the city needs to throw its weight behind the efforts.