Chippewa Park

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Anybody know anything about this?

ImageChippewa Park by Paul Sableman, on Flickr

I hope to hell this doesn't involve razing the building(s) to which the sign is attached.
Rehab of 16 buildings -Scatterd Sites around the area of Chippewa and side streets - Most or all vacant into apartments - Using low income and historic tax credits
^ phew. thanks. that's terrific.
framer wrote:

couple of buildings on Chippewa east of Nebraska, then on the side streets north and south of Chippewa. Couple of them are nice storefronts -
Has work on this started?
^No. They're hoping to close on construction financing by the end of the year. LIHTC pricing took a nosedive after Trump won and they had to figure out how to fill a big unexpected gap. Phase II is likely dead because of the shenanigans at the State with future LIHTC awards, but Phase I should still happen.
^ Thanks. Too bad it wasn't better news.
Looks like Phase One is about to start...

Chippewa Park rehab of 16 historic south city buildings moves forward ... e-latest-1

hopefully phase 2 will be able to be worked out for this great project.
This is what urban revitalization looks like.
Excited for this -- Chippewa is such a huge, awesome commercial corridor with so much potential. This is a small step, but hopefully it gains some momentum for that stretch east of Grand.
stlgasm wrote:
Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:19 pm
This is what urban revitalization looks like.
Yes! Now if we could just get about 5 more projects of this size going simultaneously in the Southeast part of South City.
Well this certainly is exciting! ... dutchtown/

Story says:
Apartments will be rent restricted and occupied by households with incomes at or below 60 percent of the average median income for the area. Final rental rates are yet to be determined.
This seems to cater to minimum wage to < $11.00/hour, which is great. If my math is right:

STL median income from 2016 is $36,809 x 60% = $22,085 Source: ... /PST045216

So you have to make a little less than $11.00/hour if you work 40 hours, 52 week per year to qualify.
^The limits are actually based on the St. Louis, MO-IL HUD Metro Fair Market Rent Area, not the City itself. The 2018 median family income estimate is $76,800 for STL. When income limits are determined it is further broken down by family size, so a family of 4 can have a higher household income than a family of 1 or 2.

New income limits just came out and my sheet doesn't have 60% on it yet, but for 2017 a household of 1 person can have a gross income up to $31,320, and a family of four people can have a gross income up to $44,700. The income limit goes up by about $3500-4500 per person added to the household number.
^thanks for the clarification, Matt. This is a great project.