Chippewa Park: Construction in 2017?

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Anybody know anything about this?

ImageChippewa Park by Paul Sableman, on Flickr

I hope to hell this doesn't involve razing the building(s) to which the sign is attached.
Rehab of 16 buildings -Scatterd Sites around the area of Chippewa and side streets - Most or all vacant into apartments - Using low income and historic tax credits
^ phew. thanks. that's terrific.
framer wrote:

couple of buildings on Chippewa east of Nebraska, then on the side streets north and south of Chippewa. Couple of them are nice storefronts -
Has work on this started?
^No. They're hoping to close on construction financing by the end of the year. LIHTC pricing took a nosedive after Trump won and they had to figure out how to fill a big unexpected gap. Phase II is likely dead because of the shenanigans at the State with future LIHTC awards, but Phase I should still happen.
^ Thanks. Too bad it wasn't better news.
Looks like Phase One is about to start...

Chippewa Park rehab of 16 historic south city buildings moves forward ... e-latest-1

hopefully phase 2 will be able to be worked out for this great project.
This is what urban revitalization looks like.
Excited for this -- Chippewa is such a huge, awesome commercial corridor with so much potential. This is a small step, but hopefully it gains some momentum for that stretch east of Grand.
stlgasm wrote:
Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:19 pm
This is what urban revitalization looks like.
Yes! Now if we could just get about 5 more projects of this size going simultaneously in the Southeast part of South City.