Ackerman Toyota building new?

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What's going on with this project? The pd article posted by Greg says construction would start last December

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^ Construction didn't start. :) Drove by the other day and was wondering about this. Looks like ownership is still with the city's LCRA, so perhaps nothing shakin'.
Mr. Ackerman passed away. Wonder if the plans are just on hold or dead. ... =175477482
Last BoA meeting Alderman Vollmer got the TIF deadline for this property development extended to January 14, 2017. Sounds like we might hear something about it at the next BoA meeting in January
Has there been any news to backfill the Kingshighway dealership with a line that is not already in St. Louis like Hyundai or Kia? Per the PD story:

Ackerman said he doubts his current building will become empty. He said he is seeking a dealer franchise from other manufacturers, including Hyundai, to maintain a family-run car business on Kingshighway.
[size=150]New Ackerman Toyota dealership on The Hill moves forward[/size]

"In the works for more than two years, a deal between the city of St. Louis and Ackerman Toyota is now finalized.

Ackerman Toyota has acquired a 2.94-acre site at 2020 Hampton Ave., on the northeast corner of Interstate 44 and Hampton Avenue, from the city for $2.4 million. The deal closed June 20. Gary Parker with Intelica CRE helped broker the deal on behalf of Ackerman." ... moves.html
Should be a good location for them. Personally, I'll be sad to see the old MSD building go; nice Mid Century Modern.

I forget, is there a plan for something new to move into Ackerman's current facility on Kingshighway? Possibly another car dealership? Would hate to see that place sit vacant.
a new "COMING SOON" sign is up
^ goody. almost as exciting as a Quick Trip.
Following up on a post a little bit up, do we have any idea what will replace Ackerman on Kingshighway. That is a prime and decent sized part of Kingshighway. I'm not optimistic it won't be another car dealership, but if we could get a real development there, maybe we could swing the momentum on that stretch to re-urbanize.
I hate to sound defeatist, but I don't hold out much hope for Kingshighway. Heck, the road's name includes the word Highway, implying that it will always be thought of by the City first and foremost as auto-oriented. There's just not much demand for serious urban building there. Remember the Avalon Theatre that was demolished a few years ago? That land has sat idle for years now despite now being very easy to develop. Even the parts of Kingshighway that are more urban in nature are currently underutilized. That row of buildings by Southtown Pub is great, but most of the tenants are check cashing type places that hurt the image of the neighborhood.

If we want to encourage more major streets to road-diet and return to urban form like South Grand, maybe we should just focus on better contenders such as Jefferson (practically screaming for a S. Grand style road diet) and select parts of Gravois (already happening in some parts like Bevo) and one day South Broadway. Hopefully I'm proven wrong and Kingshighway can one day be turned around, but currently I'm not optimistic and think it will mostly be the suburban style counterpart to Hampton, but with worse results.
Jefferson (practically screaming for a S. Grand style road diet)
Ding, ding, ding. This should be a priority from Chouteau to Cherokee if you ask me.
And heading north too. The 4 lanes of Jefferson between Market and... well all the way up North are not only pot hole hell but make using all the cross streets in that area (Olive, Delmar, etc.) a nightmare.
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Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:48 pm
^ goody. almost as exciting as a Quick Trip.
At least they're not closing or moving to the suburbs. They're staying in the city: how is this a bad thing?

Plus, what would you prefer at that corner? It's not like that corner has ever been high usage or just screams out residential.
Msd building is gone. Just dirt.