S. Jefferson Developments

Discuss construction activity, major renovations, office projects, streetscape improvements, etc. in South City -- defined by the area south of Interstate 44/55.
The S. Jefferson corridor won't reach its potential until we get some form of rapid transit, but it is good to see some cool things happening with storefronts....

North of Chippewa activity includes:
- Milquetoast in McKinley Hts. (2212 S. Jefferson) looks like it is getting close to opening
- California Donuts in Benton Park (2924 S. Jefferson) looks like it is coming back to life!
http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/gutche ... _owner.php

A bit of bad news though is that Luvy Dufy's recently close at Arsenal & S. Jefferson (2321 S. Jefferson) in Benton Park.

South of Chippewa activity includes:
- A chicken and beer place Byrd & Barrell that looks like it could be pretty cool is coming to an old Popeye's just south of Chippewa (3422 S. Jefferson)
- Lucky Buddha recently took over the old Jefferson Bistro spot (3701 S. jefferson)
Luvy Duvy's made a good sandwich, but don't fear they are supposedly renting the space out to: Lilly's Music & Social House

^ Cool. Great to see girl power rocking it, too.... Lily's, Milquetoast and California Donuts are all female owned businesses.
I live along Jefferson and feel this stretch becoming a walkable, livable street is VITAL to the health of the surrounding neighborhoods. Benton Park, Benton Park West, McKinley Heights, Fox Park, and Marine Villa (Part of Gravois Park) all need this stretch of road to be a connector and not a divider.

With the Metrolink proposed here, I feel now is the time to plan and make this stretch a better place instead of waiting.

Instead of posting here and complaining about it, I would like to take action. Can anyone help direct me to resources or would anyone be interested in helping tackle this project? I have contacted Great Streets and The Dutchtown-Jefferson Historic Neighborhood Planning group with limited success thus far.
I'd be down to paint, make banners, or improve the landscaping.

Don't ask for permission--ask for forgiveness? :)

But really, I would love to help.