Imo's Pizza Renovation (3222 Morgan Ford Road)

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Today, one of my friends told me that he is working on renovating the Tower Grove South Imo's Pizza. He said that the plan is to, "Make the building look more like the area with darker toned brick and make the landscape around it better with some plants and green space". So far, the price tag could top over $750k according to him. He also says that they plan to file the proposal sometime in the summer.
Not related to the development, but apparently all the surrounding businesses hate that Imo's. I recently went to tower pub and they said that they wouldn't let people in if they brought food from that Imo's (you can bring in your own food). They actually had a deal with a nearby Imo's down the road that would deliver to tower pub for a 25% discount

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They need to just scrap the whole building, bring it up to the proper set back and put parking on the side/rear. It's such an ugly building.
I actually don't hate that the Imo's sticks out a bit from it's neighbors. For 750k they probably should just build a whole new structure. However I think they could do something way cooler for cheaper:

Reminds me of Dat Dog down in New Orleans, the Freret area reminds me a bit of MorganFord even. They took an old gas station and built a fun addition on the blacktop. Now it has good form to the street and I can't imagine it was very expensive.

Is there any update on this? On the TGS Facebook page, it's been mentioned that the store was sold back to the Imo's family.

The old owner made waves last year by putting a Trump sign on his building. I contacted Imo's at the time to express my disappointment, and they basically agreed and let it be known it was a franchise, and they were doing what they could.

Anyways, are major renovations still planned? Perhaps they've happened and I haven't noticed.