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Construction activity, major renovations, office projects, etc. in the Central Corridor -- defined by the area south of Delmar Avenue and North of Interstate 44/55.
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"SSM Health unveils plan for new $550 million academic medical center

​SSM Health has unveiled a Master Facility Plan for the new $550 million academic medical center in the City of St. Louis – a 316-bed, 802,000-square-foot replacement hospital and new outpatient care center for SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital.

Developed in partnership between SSM Health and Saint Louis University, the Master Facility Plan establishes a footprint for the new hospital campus and facilities, including location, size, patient services, expanded parking and green space, along with areas for future campus expansion.

The new complex will be located on the north side of the existing facility between Rutger and Lasalle streets, adjacent to the hospital's current location on Grand Avenue, with plans to better integrate the hospital with neighboring Saint Louis University School of Medicine and SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital. SSM Health continues to explore options for the current Desloge Tower, but no decisions have been made.

"This plan shows our commitment to the City of St. Louis and to an improved patient experience that supports our mission to provide exceptional care," says Kate Becker, SLU Hospital president. "We will not only provide world-class health care for patients throughout the Midwest, but also ensure they are treated in a more comfortable healing environment."

The new SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital includes all-private patient rooms, larger intensive care units and an expanded emergency department. To provide patients with more convenient options, the new outpatient care center will expand outpatient surgery services and provide additional clinical space for SLUCare physician practices. Dedicated educational space throughout the facility will allow Saint Louis University to better train future physicians and health practitioners.

Alberici Constructors, Inc. was selected as the project's construction manager in April and is slated to break ground in Fall 2017 with an estimated completion date of Sept. 1, 2020. The replacement hospital and outpatient care center is beyond the hospital improvements under way since SSM Health assumed ownership of SSM Health SLU Hospital last fall, including construction of a new radiation oncology facility.

The project is part of a commitment made by SSM Health President/CEO Bill Thompson on the first day the organization assumed ownership of the hospital on Sept. 1, 2015. He announced an ambitious 5-year plan to construct a new hospital and outpatient center that incorporates national best practices in patient-centered design while delivering an improved patient experience."
Things to like:
-$550 million investment in The Tiffany = hallelujah
-It moves the hospital one block closer to the Grand Metrolink station and undergrad campus
-It maintains a decent street wall along Grand (unlike Doisy)
-It doesn't threaten the Desloge Tower

Things to not like:
-The closest thing to the Metrolink station is two big parking garages (would prefer for these to be out back to the west - and leave the northerly area for more hospital buildings/higher use), although a higher use element on the ground floor facing Grand - which appears potentially planned for - could help mitigate this.
-Missouri Belting Building is conspicuously absent from this plan (replaced here by a row of shrubs). The new Lasalle Street clearly threatens its future.
Took cues from addxb2 comments at 'City to Blight 395 Acres Around SLU Medical' thread and found these renderings.

Not sure if this is the final design.


I wish they'd flip the two buildings. Get the height closer to Grand.
For what it's worth, SLU did just also acquire the former charter school buidling at Spring and Chouteau.
Watching the BoA meeting and it was mentioned that SLU is going to divest itself on a bunch of properties in the 19th ward. I heard in the background so I'm not sure which ones but sounded like I heard 81 single family properties/lots
From the PD article:
Even though the hospital is in an urban area, Becker said, it was important to incorporate green space to project a soothing and healing environment. It's something the current hospital campus lacks.

That green space also helps achieve the desire for an academic feel. The green space will be situated between the hospital and outpatient facility, similar to the feel of an outdoor commons area, a frequent design element at many university campuses, Becker said.
Here we go. ... 2474a.html
Very suburban development.

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The "we need green space to be restful and healing" argument doesn't really justify the large strips and swaths of green space directly along Grand. Ideally the hospital building would be right up along Grand with peaceful, quiet green space out back behind the main building.

Good to see this enormous investment continue to move forward though.

Green space aside, it's a pretty good looking building, IMO.
^ In addition, the green space along Grand Ave looks ready made for expansion or addition. Hopefully sooner than later.
At this point I just want to see something get built. I drive by this dead space every day.
I think it's important to note that the "green space" that SSM is talking about is actually that portion with trees tucked back between the buildings. Seems perfectly appropriate to me, and very welcome to hospital patients and visitors.

As others have pointed out, the green space facing Grand will undoubtedly be the site of some future building.
Anyone else notice that the parking garage in the new renderings doesn't match the previous pictures of the angled, glass wall? It looks like they've cut out that retail/office space off from the parking garage completely as it appears to be set back futher from Grand than the initial renderings.
^Yep; again, it seems to me that they're keeping that site available for future development.
I'm tired of SLU "keeping sites available for future development." They've done that way too often. They have tons of such sites. Just build the bloody retail already! (And put it all back to the sidewalk line.) Derp! X(
Amazing how far and how fast SLU's medical school has fallen: ... 9768e.html
It seems to me that most of these items are administrative in nature, not directly related to the quality of care or education though. That said, it does feel like night/day when compared to WashU and BJC.
chaifetz10 wrote:
Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:50 pm
It seems to me that most of these items are administrative in nature, not directly related to the quality of care or education though. That said, it does feel like night/day when compared to WashU and BJC.
The article mentions that Baylor was previously on probation. U.S. News has them ranked No. 21 in the country. Assuming that the new dean will clean up any administrative issues and SLU will retain its accreditation, I'm not too concerned.
Seems like SLU's Medical School is in free fall:

"St. Louis University eliminates medical research program, 21 jobs" ... 4de74.html
The title of the article makes it sound like the school could be eliminating their entire research program which is comprised of 21 researchers; not one specific group with 14 researchers.
^^ i don't know about free fall. it kind-of makes sense to eliminate a research program that isn't self-sustaining. schools do it pretty regularly.