3301 Washington

Construction activity, major renovations, office projects, etc. in the Central Corridor -- defined by the area south of Delmar Avenue and North of Interstate 44/55.
At one point someone had this in front of the preservation board for demo I think -

Will be another facility sponsored by the Kranzbergs - this one will cater to writers and include a restaurant and small performance space .

Kranzbergs have done a lot in Grand Center

https://www.stlmag.com/culture/Literatu ... n-residen/
^Nice catch! Maybe that will inspire the church to give up on their misguided attempts to demolish 3201 Locust and sell it to a developer instead.
That's awesome news! I can't believe how long that building sat on the market. I tried to push an old employer to buy there instead of the CWE because of the future of this corridor. Needless to say, they didn't see the vision and momentum taking hold on Locust and Washington.
The Kranzbergs deserve a lifetime achievement award for their support of local arts.