City Foundry- $340M Lawrence Group Plan

Construction activity, major renovations, office projects, etc. in the Central Corridor -- defined by the area south of Delmar Avenue and North of Interstate 44/55.
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^ assume this is what Roddy's 17th ward tweat was about
^ crazy hot if not... this is a really awesome vision, btw.... I never expected anything other than demo for the foundry building. If that can be salvaged as cool office space and food hall holy cow. I can also imagine the trestle fitting in nicely with this. I hope it happens!
Is the foundry the building at the south end of the parcel, by 40?

I wonder if this will effect Lawrence Group's ambitious plans for Grand Center. They've got a lot on their plate.
^ It would be interesting to know who they might be talking too already in terms of either tenants and or financing or if Pace is still involved indirectly or even CORTEX has a guiding hand considering all things going on. Believe Lawrence group has the firepower to get the multitudes of tax credits that could possibly be used on this project but really don't know. For one thing, this seems to have come together rather quickly considering it wasn't too long ago that Pace was pushing the big box store plan

As far as Grand Center, I think a huge plus for Lawrence Group is coming in with partner and tenant in Bull Moose.
^ I believe there is a hearing on the Grand Center redevelopment today and it should be moving along.... and it helps as you say when a partner like Bull Moose is involved.
framer wrote:
I wonder if this will effect Lawrence Group's ambitious plans for Grand Center. They've got a lot on their plate.

It's interesting that they purchased the property - not just acquired an option. Hopefully they don't extend themselves too far.
^ Don't think that's too much of a worry... first phase is renovation of the foundry for the food hall/market/some office. Then new construction for office and residential and a parking garage. And things won't get started for a while. More detail here: ... 62525.html
I'd love to see a third Laclede SLU dorm at the southwest corner of campus, and a mixed-use development on the northwest corner of the Parkway & Vandy to continue the investment (particularly residential) boom in this corner of the city.
So awesome. Before this plan was revealed, I was quietly heartbroken by the impending loss of the foundry building. While it may not be all that remarkable architecturally, it has always been an unapologetically urban feature of the cityscape. I remember taking field trips downtown when I was in elementary school, and as the bus descended on 40 eastbound into midtown, surrounded by this building, the Famous Barr warehouse and the Armory, there was no mistaking that we were in the big old city now. It was like Sesame Street. I am so relieved that this slice of the big city will be preserved to welcome suburban school kids and visitors passing through for generations to come.
Once again, it's amazing how fast things seem to develop in the CWE compared to every other location in the city--especially downtown.

Roddy and CORTEX deserve some praise for this.
^ technically this is Midtown, but just in general the development in the central corridor from Grand to the city limits (and beyond to 170) is really hot. But while it isn't enjoying as great of a percentage of overall development as say in the naughts. downtown isn't doing too badly itself. Having over 500 apartment units completed recently is quite decent along with a fair amount of new tenants and attractions, etc. I do wish there were more in the announced pipeline, though.
Hoping the Chemical Building is next. Then the RX and JA.
^ Chemical Building seems very doable considering size, number of units involved relative to a RX and JA. What will be a big indicator for continued growth is if RX or JA can happen downtown, CORTEX/Wexford breaks ground for US Metals site and Clayton CBD continues its momentum. That would make for a great 2016 if all three can happen along metrolink

Might not be the right comment/question for this thread but here it goes. Will the recent impacts by the winter flood encourage or assist in interest for a project like Federal Mogul, whether it be the capital markets, tenant interest? I don't believe so as it is much more driven by demographics, market studies, traffic counts and growth of immediate area. But you have to admit from someone like me looking from afar of a flooded I44/Hwy 141 interchange and or the flooded Hwy 50 businesses or homes in the Meramac flood plain from news sources that a development might garnered some more interest due to its location and infrastructure high and dry. KB, any thoughts?
^My own personal guess: probably not. If anything I'm afraid we're going to see a lot more "flood prevention infrastructure" built in the burbs and floodplains to try to limit the next big one. Higher levees, more roads being built above flooding areas (like the 141/44 interchange) and more floodplain development. St. Louis loves its sprawl, and heaven help anyone (or anything) that try to prevent it. Ugh.
^ ditto.
I know this is slightly off topic in this thread, but due to it being across the "street," I thought I'd ask anyway. I haven't heard anything about the Armory for years. Did I miss something, or are there any plans for this?
^ The Armory just got a new roof this fall - hopefully that's a good sign...Image
Image from October 2015
I used to practice in the armory for a SLU club team. That was like 3 years ago though and I hadn't heard anything about any plans. I wouldn't be suprised if it was still sparingly used by some SLU teams to practice in the winter
There has been interest in the Armory from time to time. Nothing has come to fruition yet. I suspect it will happen ... just not sure when and for what use.
On my way to the SLU basketball game yesterday, I noticed that some of the Armory's first-floor windows are now covered, hopefully to protect them/the building from the elements/vandalism.
The Lawrence Group shared this cool photo of the foundry building in the 1930s on Twitter:

I've seen the renderings. This board is gonna love it...