City Foundry- $340M Lawrence Group Plan

Construction activity, major renovations, office projects, etc. in the Central Corridor -- defined by the area south of Delmar Avenue and North of Interstate 44/55.
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There is a NextSTL story from February of '17 announcing the signing of Zara, Patagonia, Reformation and Need Supply by the Foundry. I can't seem to find an official announcement from the Lawrence Group about retail tho.

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At the end of the article:
*Patagonia has reached out to nextSTL and offered the following statement, “Patagonia does not have plans to open a retail store at the City Foundry development in St. Louis.”

*Zara has also reached out to nextSTL with the following statement, “Please kindly be advised that we are not planning to open Zara in St. Louis.”

We will continue to update this story as more is known.
GoHarvOrGoHome wrote:
Tue Feb 26, 2019 8:22 pm
The wall is already gone but will be rebuilt in the sae form. According to their Instagram they said there was a problem with the stability of the existing masonry.

This is true. The wall was getting sketchier week by week. Removal was necessary to stop from collapse into the highway.

They are currently in the process of removing the perimeter columns as i'm assuming a solid masonry wall will be rebuilt in similar fashion as to what once was there. This is in the most historically significant portion of the development, i'm sure the NPS demanded it be rebuilt to the same dimensions. New rebar is currently sticking up from the floor level in preparation for the new wall build back.