Cupples Building Numbers

Downtown construction activity, including hotel projects, major renovations, office projects, streetscape improvements, etc.
I'm hoping someone can help me match the Cupples warehouse buildings to their #'s and their addresses. I can't seem to find anything on the interwebs.

Built St. Louis has a map for reference but no numbers.

Thanks in advance
Here's a rundown (I'm pretty sure this is correct):

Cupples 1 - NE corner of 10th and Clark. Hammermill Bldg., developed by Conrad Properties, houses J. Buck's, Rodgers Townsend

Cupples 2-5 - The Westin

Cupples 6 - NE corner of 11th and Spruce. HRI's Cupples Station Apartments developments.

Cupples 7 - SE corner of 11th and Spruce. McGowan's crumbling building.

Cupples 8 - SW corner of 10th and Spruce. McGowan's Ballpark Lofts development.

Cupples 9 - SW corner of 9th and Spruce. Recently renovated by Koman Group.
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Saint Louis Jeopardy:

"I'll take Cupples Warehouse Buildings for $2,000, Alex."
"The Hammermill Building."
"What is Cupples 1"

Other categories could be "In a Tiff about TIFs", "Highway(s) to Hell", "Beers of the Lou" and my favorite, "IKEA is coming where?"
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Alex Ihnen wrote:^ damn - we need a nextSTL nerd trivia night
This would be fun. Bumping this good idea.
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