900 South 4th

Downtown construction activity, including hotel projects, major renovations, office projects, streetscape improvements, etc.
Greg Johnson tweeted earlier that a $600,000 building permit has been applied for 900 South 4th. This is the abandoned building next to Imo's. It will be developed by Midtown Locust Development and be mixed use. Hopefully it will be a tasteful renovation of the building considering that it Is one of the few buildings left on 4th Street.

Greg Johnson's Tweet: https://twitter.com/PresbyterianStl/sta ... 7284017154
Nice. Actually reached out to Midtown Locust Properties who owns, or at least owned it, back in February.
900 S 4th

We have plans for complete renovation. First Floor commercial, 2nd and 3rd residential

We are very close to having the financing in place. Hope to begin the project 2nd quarter 2018
That's about all I know. Awesome building though! I hope someone has a plan in place for the rest of 4th street and Chouteau's Landing though. The sparse population down there among other things would keep me from living near there. Really need to fit the sea of parking and rebuild the street wall at least on the east side of 4th. And on what planet does White Castle need so many spaces? Even the busy ones have smaller lots than that.
This is the area that would benefit the most from a high tax on surface parking lots. 4th Street and Broadway could easily turn into a neat "Beale Street" type of area, especially if surrounded by 3-6 story apartment buildings. It would be so great to see the gap between Soulard and Downtown bridged. Will never happen while surface parking is so profitable.
New doors and old windows have been uncovered at street level. Work is continuing at a steady pace. All windows could be in by the Spring.

That's looking nice! Glad to see it.
Progress as of today. It is so cool to see the small old building come back to life. The new windows do wonders for it.

Looking great! Lovely shots. Thanks for that. :)
^ This is great. My grandfather was born and raised a block up and a block over at 3rd and Graitot. This neighborhood has always meant a lot to me. Hope this is just the beginning.