Tucker and Locust Parking Garage

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Steve Johnson has covered this pretty well and it looks like everyone is suing each other.... who knows, maybe this ugly, condemned garage will be demolished and new ownership can build something mixed-use and much nicer!

http://www.urbanreviewstl.com/2016/01/c ... ng-garage/

Biz-Journal has some coverage on it as well.... (sub article unfortunately)

http://www.bizjournals.com/stlouis/news ... psing.html

The eight-story parking structure, at Locust Street and Tucker Boulevard, faced a "catastrophic event" in July 2014.

If we must have parking, I'd give a circular body part for something like this parking garage in Detroit with street level retail and now apartments going up top in its place:

This is an eyesore, what should be done here? It needs to go most of all. All of that wood and metal holding it up looks terrible.
Jack Coatar still insists they're renovating it and that's it's "necessary for the area" or whatever. It's not so much that it's taken time to fix, it's just been caught up in a lawsuit.
Whats up with this piece of sh*t?

I drive past it every day. Its horrible. Such a waste of prime real estate that could really help Locust and that area of Tucker.

I'm hoping that it comes down on its own accord (injury and surrounding structure damage free, of course) and forces the owner to do something with it. I can't believe the city hasn't forced something with it.

There were lawsuits back in 2016 based on the above links. Any ideas?
Three years behind on property taxes now, so it could be the City's problem by this summer if it goes up for tax sale and no bids are placed.
Nice! I've always wanted to live the dream of owning and operating a parking garage. Perhaps the city will toss me some subsidies to pay for the repairs too. Either that or the demolition so I can make a fine surface lot 8)
Apparently this is still tied up in the courts.

I'm no lawyer, but as I'm able to read it the $4.1M judgement was never collected, as the LLCs were deemed 'underfunded'. That would also, I'm guessing, explain the lack of taxes paid. In January 2018 Central Parking System, Inc. sued Tucker Parking Equities, LLC, (and a number of other individuals listed in the link above) to claim the funds. The plaintiff filed a motion to 'pierce the corporate veil' of the LLC to find out who actually runs the entity and go after them. They allege that the people who own the garage constituted the LLC solely as a shield. They alleged that from its inception it was never funded well enough to maintain the building, much less pay out a judgement of this size.

Form what I read from the latest memorandum from the case, issued December 3rd 2018, the judge dismissed the request to pierce the corporate veil. The plaintiffs appealed, and this memorandum is a denial of the appeal.

Maybe any lawyer-types could correct me and/or provide more detail or insight. But I see no way anything will happen with this building until the legal kerfuffle is done.

Thanks for the insight RBB.

Hopefully this gets resolved soon. What a giant CF.