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I'm curious what this is? Is it simply art, or does it serve some function?

framer wrote: I'm curious what this is? Is it simply art, or does it serve some function?

Excellent question! An acquaintance of mine, Steph Berg clued me in on them some months back. (Immediately before I took the picture, in fact. Which is probably why I took it.) It's a bee house intended for a variety of small wild bee called the Mason bee. You can buy them at your favorite internet retailer or (hopefully) your more hip and with it local retailer. Mason bees have some significant advantages. They're not susceptible to varroa mites, and I believe they're also not suffering from the colony collapse phenomenon. If nothing else, they certainly help to increase the diversity of urban bees, which is good. Commercial beekeeping has, apparently, been a little too much of a single cultivar kind of operation, and there's a lot of amateurs in it now that don't treat, so herd immunity is . . . gone. Mason bees help with that.

Anyway . . . it serves a function, though it was apparently unoccupied at the time. (And I saw no sign describing it, which surprises me.)
I don't know that this is exactly the right place to put it, but it's local (cinema)tography. And it's mine. So . . . yeah. My thread. My (moving) pictures. Heck, quite a few of the pictures are my stinking house. Which is a decent enough example of the local vernacular, I think. (And there are a few landmarks in the thing.) A word of warning first: this is classical music, since that's what I do. (I bill myself a composer, poet, and roustabout. Thus the "symphonicpoet" moniker.) You have been warned. It's my "classical" music, but that's the bin I belong in. (There's no place like home.)

(And either way, I'm curious what you think of my new hobby. I've always liked photography and I've worked in theatre for a long stinking time. But cell phone cinematography is a new thing. Hopefully well lit, composed, and edited cell phone movie making, but . . . it was a cell phone. Seriously. Honest to god. Top to bottom. Only recording device used. Only one owned in the Empty Pocket Studios.)

I give you "Slate Grey Skies" by D. . . . or, um, symphonicpoet.

Nice. Definitely captures the gloomy day vibe.
Again, thank you. It was a lot of work, but it was also quite a bit of fun. It's always pleasant to make something you feel is pretty. And I do like grey days. :)