Hofbrauhaus - St. Louis - Belleville

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Looks like this project is really coming along. Can't wait to check it out!

"Largest Hofbrauhaus in North America"

Biz Journal reporting Hofbrauhaus in Belleville will open in Jan. 2018. Finally!!!
Guess it got delayed again? Haven't heard anything about it being open..
Now it will be the end of February.

http://www.bnd.com/news/local/community ... 07749.html

As of 2-23, there is now a soft opening for "early March" with a grand opening of April 18th.
A couple months in and the reviews are... rather mediocre, it seems. Not entirely unexpected, I suppose, but still a bit disappointing nonetheless.
My wife and I went over there on Father's Day and couldn't get in because they had a buffet and you had to have reservations that day only. They hit their limit for people without reservations. So we didn't eat, but we did walk around the hall.

It looked like a lot of fun, actually. Oompah band, big bar, outdoor games, etc. I wouldn't mind going back for at least a beer sometime. Different from other beer places in St. Louis. Felt authentic German.
^ this article is getting way too much attention. Since when is the Hofbrauhaus a place you go to for food first. It’s a place you go to drink beer with friends, listen to music and enjoy the “Oktoberfest“ atmosphere. I’ve been to the one in Munich and Las Vegas and I didn’t eat either time. I had a blast! I think anybody who goes there to eat dinner is missing the point.