New retail development in Edwardsville

Discuss new retail, dining, business and residential projects in Southwestern Illinois, including East St. Louis, Belleville, O'Fallon and Edwardsville.
I saw this article and thought I would pass it along. A new retail development across from SIUe.
I was just up that way a couple weekends ago—mountain biking on the Cross Country trail—up by University Drive and New Poag Rd. Afterwards, I drove around Edwardsville. I was surprised how detached the SIUE is from Edwardsville. Think about how downtowns and campuses (UGA/Athens or UM/Columbia) and its a shame that isn't like that, stitched a little closer together. The school would have a totally different vibe.
^Agreed. I wish there was more overall pride/enthusiasm for SIUe as the Metro East's lone DI school. Granted, it's a low-major that just recently became DI, but still.

Of course, it wasn't founded until 1957, long after central Edwardsville was developed around Main Street and the courthouse, so there wasn't a lot of opportunity to really tie it into the older part of Edwardsville. Plus, it remained a commuter school for years and wasn't until the last couple decades that the school has made a push for more of a resident population. Even now a large percentage of the school's students commute.

With that said, this part of Edwardsville is booming all the way down highway 157. It's all very suburban in nature and is part of the wealthiest part of the Metro East. But it's also a very youthful area with SIUe, EHS, and Metro East Lutheran all being within a mile of each other.
When I was there it felt very detached. Part of that is because since the campus is so big land wise and everything is in the middle. That makes it a pretty good walk to even get off campus. Having this just off campus would have been nice back then. Then again when I was there it was right before they even put in the dierbergs and all that. I walked from downtown to Cougar one night. That was not my smartest life choice.
Edwardsville is getting some more higher density development in and around downtown - need to make a trip back over there, its starting to become a decent satellite downtown ... ardsville/