Downtown East St. Louis Buildings

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- Broadview Hotel

- Majestic Theater

- Murphy Building

- Spivey Building

- Elks Club / Public Library

When the site was last updated (although I think it's been a while), these buildings were still sitting empty (the Majestic Theater's link isn't working for some reason, but when it was working it stated the site was vacant).

Does anybody know of any current plans to restore these buildings? How much does the lack of Illinois Historic Tax Credits hurt their chances?


The last time I was in Downtown East St Louis, the base of some of those buildings were used for retail. I dont know if it's still that way.

Some of the bases are still used for retail, some are boarded/caged up. That's the only thing they're used for though, some of them even got trees growing out of them.

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According to Michael Allen, the Spivey building is coming down. St. Clair County is paying to demolish it. What a monumental loss-- physically and symbolically-- for the entire metropolitan area. There goes East St. Louis' golden opportunity to retain any semblance of civic pride and distinction. I am sick about it.
stlgasm wrote:
Sat May 12, 2018 8:54 pm
There goes East St. Louis' golden opportunity to retain any semblance of civic pride and distinction.
i think that ship sailed a long time ago. it's only distinction these days is being the shittiest, most abandoned, most crime-ridden place in the US. i honestly don't see how Murphy or Spivey could have been saved. and i doubt the Majestic will be around much longer. nobody wants to be there.
^There's gorgeous structures there, I just have no idea how to get the investment to do anything at all. The commercial finance system would never back anything there. Illinois won't or can't. (It's not Chicago, so does Illinois even really care?) I can't envision any kind of regional agency that would have the capacity to tackle something like that. It would require a federal intervention and . . . they just don't care. Utah, Wyoming, New York, Florida . . . nobody not here gives a rat's patootie. I will weep for the Majestic. It's a great little theatre. The Spivey building has real potential. Some of that stuff is no further gone than things were in Midtown in St. Louis. The Sun was in awful shape. Abysmal. The Continental was a near run thing. I really feel like something could have happened. But . . . how do you get the money? Somebody needs to pay. We dumped all our sins over there: pollution, crime, license of all sorts. Nobody regulated anything. And now the people left behind when everyone else ran are paying.