Centene in O'Fallon

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stltoday.com is reporting that O'Fallon is trying to get Centene to build a large datacenter there:


Granted a datacenter doesn't employ many people - generally it's just a large windowless energy-guzzling box of networking and computer hardware ;-) - but I'd hate to see Centene end up going the way of Mastercard......
Not going to happen, especially as they're finishing off the first of their new Clayton towers.

Comparison: Jersey City, NJ is home to many of the redundant backup systems for the major Wall Street firms. The Wall Street firms are still staying in Manhattan, and the exchanges are staying put, but a copy of everything going on in a separate location is absolutely necessary. Ever since the Rahman attacks on the Towers in '93, the major brokerages have been keeping things in triplicate; that's how the economy didn't fully implode when the Towers came down.

Say Clayton's hit by a tornado, or the building burns up in a fire, or any of a dozen other major disasters. Having a dedicated redundant backup hard-wired in 30 miles away is a safety net. I sure don't see them relocating everything else into the middle of O'Fallon. Who knows, could be a smart niche market for O'Fallon to pull.

Would still have preferred it if Centene was in BPV.
Actually, they just started construction just northwest of the Citi complex.

http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source= ... 9&t=h&z=18