Downtown Dardenne Prairie?

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Dardenne Prairie approves plan for downtown

By Tim Bryant



DARDENNE PRAIRIE — Two steps taken Wednesday night established the framework for a "new urbanist" downtown that backers envision as a pedestrian-friendly blend of shops, offices and housing.

First, the Planning and Zoning Commission, meeting in special session, voted 6-3 to recommend that the Board of Aldermen approve the zoning district. Joining Mayor Pam Fogarty in voting for the recommendation were Alderman Dave Kampelman and commissioners Lorna Aubuchon, Penny King, Derek Cisler and Don Harbour. Commission Chairman Michael Conroy and commissioners Gerry Osborn and Susan Fine voted no.

At its meeting afterward, the Board of Aldermen passed the bill that sets out the district of 285 acres, comparable in size to some of the farms that until a few years ago made up much of the rapidly developing city.

The sweeping rezoning for the city's new downtown encompasses a detailed "smart code," the first for an existing city in St. Charles County. It spells out six layers of zoning that regulate big things — including building setbacks and storefront design — and small things, such as the shape of gutters and the texture of building exteriors.

Say what you will, but I like the fact that the burbs are starting to address zoning issues.
Here is the link to Dardenne Prairie's city website where you can download the smart code plan they developed. I don't know the status of this but its definitely something interesting to look at, especially how they plan to retrofit existing suburban development. ... &Itemid=33
Developers withdraw proposal for Dardenne Prairie apartment complex ... 9a443.html

So McKee has recently been rejected in his attempt to build this apartment complex in St. Charles. Who can convince him that the $30 million extra he now has would be better spent on transit oriented development in St. Louis City? We'd certainly be more thankful.
He'd have a better market for it down here too. Show me all of the young, hip adults who are clambering to live in Dardenne Prairie.