I think there are many reasons to the answer of where you're "from". Convenience is probably the number 1 reason if speaking to someone without the same background. I find that is true of just about everywhere - however Toronto seems to stick out. I'd meet travelers overseas and ask where they're from and received so many answers being Toronto. As I grew up in Western NY I like to dig deeper, only to find many of them were from 2, 3, even 4 hours away from TO. Whether it's convenience or a longing to belong to something bigger I'm not sure.

Being a city resident and not from here I do find it amusingly frustrating all the St. Louis mailing addresses in places where I stereotype residents don't want anything to do with the city.

Relating to overseas travel, and somewhat locally here I gave some thought to where I'm "from" (suburb called North Tonawanda between Buffalo and Niagara). I'd start with Buffalo as it's bigger and has a reputation - good and bad. Overseas that didn't always stick, so I'd move on to Niagara Falls which is almost always recognizable for the landmark so I'd leave it at that. My parents choose neither identity and always give the response "between Buffalo and Niagara Falls".

Now, when asked where I'm from I say St. Louis. Richard Bach quote: "Ask yourself from time to time where you're from and where you're going, watch the answers change".

In most of the US and especially St. Louis we won't make any mention of NY, it's just Buffalo. NY frequently links to NYC which is nearly 7 hours away and very little in common. Even for people semi in the know just thinking NY brings up many falsehoods.

I suppose everyone has their own reasons and would gamble 95% have not given the reponse the thought we have. In my mind "St. Louis Area" or "Just outside St. Louis" would be a perfectly good answer.